ALA Dresscode


American Leadership Academy K- 12th Dress Code Guidelines

If item is not in the dress code it is not allowed.  No items may display skulls, alcohol/drug, or gang related references or pictures.  Questionable items is determined by administration discretion. All items must be modest including shoulders, back and midriff covered and length to the knee

Bottom Colors Top Colors
Solid in bottom colors
No torn, holes, ripped, frayed or faded pants
No leggings, jeans or athletic wear
Not excessively loose or too tight, shorts not higher than 1 inch above knee
Solid in top colors
No logos, or may have authorized school logo
Shirts mush have a collar, buttons, and sleeves (no sleeveless or tanks allowed)
No see-through materials and buttoned to a modest level
Undershirts allowed in top colors only, but must have on a dress code shirt
Outerwear in Classrooms
Solid in top Colors
No logos, or may have authorized school logo
Must have dress code shirt underneath and you may not wear any hood up during the day
No flip flops, slides, slippers, lights or wheels.
Socks must be matching
Hair/Make up/Accessories
No more than 1 earring per ear
No tattoos showing while on campus at any time
Make-up appropriate for school as deemed by administration
No bandannas, hats, beanies, or sunglasses worn in building
Natural human colored hair only, kept out of eyes
No extreme or distracting hair styles
Headbands in solid school or patterned top colors only, no logos
Clean shaven face
Ties/Scarves must be solid or patterned in school top colors