2230- Professional Standards & Training for Non-Licensed Employees & Volunteers Policy


Policy Number: 2230
Dated: 09/20/2022

Professional Standards & Training for Non-Licensed Employees & Volunteers

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Non-licensed employees and volunteers are an important part of the educational team and can make a significant difference in the lives of students. These team members provide diverse ways to facilitate and enhance the learning process. The purpose of this policy is to outline best practices professional standards and training for non-licensed employees and volunteers.


1. “Licensed educator” means an individual who holds a valid Utah educator license and has satisfied all requirements to be a licensed educator in the Utah public school system.

2. “Non-licensed public education employee” means an employee of ALA who:

- does not hold a current Utah educator license issued by the Board under Title 53E, Chapter 6, Educator Licensing and Professional Practices Act; or

- is a contract employee.

3. “Volunteer” means someone who may be given significant unsupervised access to children in connection with the volunteer’s assignment.


1. In accordance with Utah Code Ann. §67-20-4, volunteers shall have the approval of the director to perform volunteer services under the supervision of an ALA assigned employee.

2. Non-Licensed employees will be assigned a licensed educator supervisor.

3. Volunteers and Non-Licensed employees are expected to follow the direction of the ALA employee or supervisor to whom they have been assigned and to conform to all applicable laws, rules, and policies.

4. In the course of their assignments, volunteers and Non-Licensed employees may be asked to work with confidential information. It is the expectation of ALA that volunteers and Non-Licensed employees shall keep this information in the strictest confidence in accordance with Policy 551: SGA PPRA and UT FERPA Policy.