A guide for school snacks


School Snacks: A Guide

The face of school snacks is changing. With the new USDA regulations, healthful foods are replacing cookies and candy as the snacks available to kids.

But how will this impact your school event? Let’s take a look…

The Guidelines:

School snacks must conform to the USDA guidelines, which include calorie limits, sugar caps, and nutrient requirements.

        • Calorie Limits: All snacks, including accompaniments like butter and cream cheese, must have no more

than 200 calories per serving.

        • Fat Ceilings: Fat must make up no more than 35% of the total calorie count, with saturated fat content at less than 10% and trans fat content at
        1. Shoot for less than 35 calories of fat per 100 calories of food.
        • Sugar Caps: Only 35% (or less) of the weight in any snack food may come from
        • Nutrient Requirements: In order to meet the USDA’s guidelines, snacks must either be rich in whole grains, contain at least a quarter cup of fruit and/or vegetables, have a fruit, vegetable, protein food, or dairy product as the first ingredient, or contain 10% or more of the percent daily value of potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin D, or

The Guidelines and YOU:

Technically these guidelines are only required for food items sold at the school. They do not apply to off-site fundraisers or events that take place during non-school hours. However, we encourage everyone to follow the guidelines above. Make It Yourself Snack Inspiration: Looking for great ideas that conform to the new requirements? Try some of these snacks…

        • Grapes, apples and pears are the perfect portable fruit
        • Popcorn trail mix: 5 cups lowfat popcorn, 1/4 cup peanuts, 1 cup raisins – put in 6
        • Strawberry crunchies are always a hit. Have kids dip whole strawberries into yogurt, then roll the dipped berries in whole grain cereal.
        • Yogurt – “lite” yogurt is low in Or top plain yogurt with fresh fruit.
        • You can’t go wrong with an assortment of sliced veggies and a flavorful plain yogurt dip mixed with a little chopped onion or herbs!

For More Information:

For more details and inspiration, visit http://foodandhealth.com/usda-snack- foods-schools/.

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