Mrs. Richan’s Class

Erika Richan

Fourth Grade Dual Immersion Teacher (Spanish)/

Dual Immersion Program Coordinator

About Mrs. Richan

Hola! I am Mrs. Richan and this is my fifth year as a teacher at ALA. I love ALA and the Dual Immersion Program. I have worked At ALA since 2018. I have my four children in dual immersion and I know what it is like to be on the parent side. I believe in the Program and I know it is a wonderful opportunity for many students to learn a second language.

I was born and raised in Mexico City, where I earned a degree in Textile Engineering at IPN. I have lived in Utah for 23 years now, I also graduated from LDS Business College in Business and Accounting. I finished my licensing requirements last year and I am currently working on my Dual Immersion endorsement. I love learning! I love History, Science, Geography, and my favorite subject is Math.

I love hiking, traveling and discovering new little towns. Our favorite thing is to drive around the state and visit the little towns around. I believe that the best inheritance we can leave to our children is education, and I want to share all my knowledge with your precious children.