Mrs. Woolard’s Classroom


Carol Woolard

Sixth Grade Teacher

About Ms. Woolard

Hey there!  Originally from Chicago, I’ve lived in Texas, Montana, and now, Utah. I’ve traveled through about 40 of our 50 states but will always prefer the mountains to anything else. 

I’ve worn a lot of labels in my life (daughter, sister, student, designer, etc.) but the current ones are mom, grandma, teacher, and renter! I completed a degree begun 30 years ago, Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education,  and have loved teaching over the years. I’m in the midst of completing a Masters program now. Prior to having my own classroom, I’ve served as both art teacher and substitute. Kids keep me young and they keep me honest. 😉

I’m a widow with a blended family. My children are in Washington state, Montana, Utah, and now in Texas too - all in public service of some type, health care or police officers. 😉 I LOVE being a grandma but it’s getting harder because my grand babies are moving farther away. When I remember having spare time, I remember liking to crochet, do crafts and art projects, painting rooms in my house, and weight lifting (surprise!). I don’t like living in the city. My heart’s desire is to find another small town. 

In general, I recognize life is often hard and not for the faint of heart. My children tease me, though with some seriousness, that on my headstone will be one of my favorite phrases they always heard, “Suck it up Buttercup”.  Now that was never meant in a mean way to them, but it did reflect my belief that when bad things happen we can sit and cry or get to work. I found I’m not productive when I cry so I might as well ‘suck it up’ and get to work. 😉

Everyone has their own way of learning. My goal as an educator is to determine which way that is, in order to help each student succeed. Personal responsibility, kindness, respect, and patience with each other and, most of all, ourselves are KEY to success!