Mrs. Clark’s Classroom



Tiffany Clark

Special Education Teacher

801-794-2226 ext. 108

About Mrs. Clark

My favorite movie is Fiddler on the Roof.

My favorite color is green.

My favorite dinner is any dinner I don’t have to clean up after!

My favorite dessert is chocolate brownies with ice cream and fudge sauce.

And my favorite job is the job I have now.  Before coming to ALA I was a course developer for BYU Independent Study. I enjoyed that work, but I absolutely love being able to work with “real, live students” now!

I really love the kids I get to work with here. And I want to help equip each of them with the tools they need to feel successful in school. Helping them learn resilience is paramount to that and is as important a skill as any they will learn here. Research has identified four key mindsets that, when believed by students, most contribute to their capacity to persevere. So, it is important to me that each student 1--feel like they belong, 2--believe that their ability grows with their effort, 3--believe that they can succeed and 4--believe that the work has value for them. This is want I want the kids who come to my room!