Miss Seely’s Classroom

Trudy Seely

Third Grade Teacher


801-794-2226 ext. 113

About Ms. Seely

I graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Teaching with a minor in music. I also received a Master's Degree from Southern Utah University, graduating with a 4.0. I have been a member of the ALA team since it's first year, so I consider myself a pioneer of the school. I was awarded the Utah Charter School Teacher of the year in 2021.

I have a passion for the arts.  I have been a professional studio singer/songwriter/musician; recording a solo album and for other artists and companies. I love expressing myself through music as well as through other art venues.  I enjoy oil painting, illustrating and cartooning, and story-telling.

My students will tell you that I have several puppets that are "members" of our class family.  They help us learn, quiz students and render good luck wizardry throughout the day.  Our most notorious puppet residents are the King and Queen of BABU (Be A Better U).

I love travelling abroad and learning about new cultures and strive to master the French language. I just as happy, though, in our beautiful state of Utah as long as I have family and friends to share it with.

One of my favorite things to do is to tell personal narratives and go on imagination vacations with my class. I believe a class must have a good laugh at least once every day.  If you have a good joke or story to tell, please come by and share it with me.

I believe in creating a positive learning environment with lots of love and hugs along the way. My behavior management style is influenced by the Love and Logic approach and requires a partnership and support from parents.

I appreciate the opportunity American Leadership Academy affords me to stretch and innovate as an educator and to act as a partner in developing a unique learning community.