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Asthma & Inhalers Information Page

Students with a history of Asthma should have a "Asthma Action Plan" on file at the school.  Students are allowed to carry and self-administer inhaled asthma medications when the appropriate forms have been completed and signed by parent/guardian AND a healthcare provider.  Self-administration ability will be assessed by a parent/guardian, healthcare provider and the school nurse.

 Please print forms in Color if at all possible.  

Once you have completed the form(s) AND they have been appropriately signed, contact the school nurse to schedule a meeting to review the form(s) and discuss your child's asthma.  It is especially important that this meeting take place with elementary age students to evaluate the ability to safely carry and self administer Asthma Inhalers.  

The Asthma Action Plan must be reviewed and renewed Annually.


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