board election policy

Policy Number: 1030
Dated: 2/05/2013

Board Election Policy


The Board of Trustees of American Leadership Academy has two elected Board members. The parent-­‐elected board members allow the parents an opportunity to be actively involved in their children’s education through helping to establish and implement educational goals for the school.


1. Each parent/guardian Board member shall be elected at an election held at the school by a majority vote and serve a two-­‐year term starting September 1st of the elected year. Board members may run for re-­‐election.

2. Each candidate must be willing to make a conscientious effort to attend all meetings either in person or via electronic conferencing and fulfill their Board appointed duties.

3. Only a parent/guardian who has a student at the school during the two year term of office is eligible to run for election.

4. If their student(s) un-­enrolls during the Board member term, their seat will be vacated and the Board will appoint a parent/guardian to fulfill their remaining term of office.

5. The candidate will be required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement if elected.


1. Terms shall be staggered so that a new Board member is elected each year.

2. Candidacy shall be made by self-­‐nomination and the completion of the Declaration of Candidacy Form.

3. It is preferred, but not mandatory, that the candidate has completed their family’s 40 volunteer hour commitment in the year previous to their candidacy.

4. Candidate is prohibited to campaign on school grounds during school hours.

5. Candidate may not collect or cast proxy votes.

6. School databases, mailing lists, and/or directories will not be given to any candidate to be used for campaigning. Once Board approved, platform information can be forwarded to parents through email and posted on the website. Failure to comply with any of these provisions will result in disqualification of the candidate from the election.

7. Candidates will be limited to discussion for their own qualifications and issues facing ALA. No negative campaigning directed at other candidates or specific individuals will be allowed.

8. In the event that no parents decide to run for a Board seat, the current ALA Board will appoint a parent to the Board.