Board of Trustees Candidate Bios

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Board of Trustees Candidate Bios

Robyn Swenlin

I am married and have 3 boys - 2nd, 8th, and 11th for the upcoming school year. I have been a member of an on-site council in previous schools in CA. I am currently a full time online student at BYU Idaho. Before having kids, I was a Retail Sales Manager. Now I am messing around with Information Technology and Graphic Design. I have worked with JavaScript, CSS, Adobe Photoshop and more.  I have an Associates degree in Accounting, and I am working toward a Bachelor of Science in Applied Technology. I have knowledge of the CA public school system, so I bring a different outlook, although I grew up in UT. I have held many different school volunteer positions with many hours volunteering: on-site council, Yearbook Advisor, Fun Run Advisor, room nom, Reflections Chair. I want to be a member of the Board to stay informed about what is going on in my kids' schools and to help my community.  I love what my kids bring home from school from ALA. We moved here in January 2021 from Burbank, CA. I thought Burbank was/is a great school district, but I am so impressed with ALA's values. My older boys have already shown that they have grown in learning these values. They talk all the time about how the kids here have better values than most in CA. I think it is important for all of ALA's values to be taught.

Chantel Jensen

I am a mother of 2 children, ages 14 and 9. Both kids are competitive level gymnasts. I am also a Certified Health Coach. I love learning about health, teaching health, and living a healthy lifestyle. Next I'm hoping to become a Certified Personal Trainer. I love spending time with my kids and husband. We are very adventurous and always looking for a good time.  We spend lots of time together as a family, whether it's taking care of our daily duties, working out, swimming,  camping,  service projects, etc. I've always loved being involved in my children's schools and extracurricular activities. I feel it's important to know what our children are experiencing in their education. I enjoy being involved and am willing to help as needed.  ALA’s values are my daily life.

Pamela McLelland

I am a mother of 7, grandmother of 13, and great grandmother of 1. My youngest has gone to ALA for the last 5 years and is planning on going all the way with this school.  I am a working grandmother to my student at ALA. We try our best to live by the ALA values that mirror our values at home.  This is one of the reasons I chose ALA for my student.  I have been on volunteer boards in the past with Head Start in Nevada for 7 years and the Keeping Kids Safe program for abused children for 10 years. Once I commit to something, it's hard to get me away!  I truly want to give back to this wonderful school and help the school stay the great school that it is!



  Cody Reynolds

I am a father of 4 (ages 2-9), husband of an elementary teacher, BYU graduate, and a successful business owner.  I run a business of 100 and 120 individuals and manage projects from the simplest one-day job to multi-year, massive and complex projects. I have grown from being a construction worker in my teens, to managing and now to owning my own multi-million dollar company. I own three businesses and a charitable foundation.

My whole life, I have been passionate about service. I’ve been fortunate enough to get myself to a position now where I can have the free time I desire to donate my time more to passion projects. My wife and I recently started a non-profit foundation where we build homes each year for low income families on the border and feed dozens of families monthly through our team members in Ecuador. I’ve helped in various religious leadership positions, served a 2-year service mission in Argentina, and now take service trips to Mexico and Ecuador yearly with our Foundation.  

I am fluent in Spanish which is extremely helpful as my kids are in the dual immersion program at ALA. It has also helped me in business and with our Foundation. I’ve worked in the Spanish branches/wards in my church various times and am very familiar with the culture.

I know music is a large part of ALA’s program as well. I have played piano, guitar, and trombone since I was young and have a passion for music as well.

I’ve learned that discipline in my craft and loyalty to the people I work with have been critical to my success. I have failed as a team and succeeded as a team. We have weathered storms together as a family and as a business and been able to stick together and find ways through the low points.  I have been through a tragic death of my child and also my own father who passed away just over a year ago of a heart attack while visiting me from out of state. I have learned humility through these moments and a drive to find ways to build bridges to new places in my life.  The loss of my dad has been the hardest moment I’ve ever lived but has been an incredible lesson for me, and I have strived to have the qualities my father possessed.  His quiet dignity, work ethic, and integrity will always guide my one efforts to follow in his footsteps.

I would love to serve on the Board to assist ALA leadership to continue to grow and improve in educating children to become contributing members of society.  All four of my kids are planning on being with ALA from start to finish, and I want to be involved in their education and help improve their education in any way possible. My own principles are very in line with the values taught at ALA, which is why I would like to serve and support the education of my children and all the students at ALA.

Andrea Oliver

I have 8 amazing kids who have been attending American Leadership Academy for the last 11 years. My eldest is the Junior Class President this year. I have been married for almost 18 years and have lived in Utah for the last 12 years. I enjoy spending time with my family at the lake or watching movies together. In my spare time I enjoy reading and learning new things.

I love education, and it's a passion that stems from my grandparents, who came from Cuba. They always instilled in me the value of education, discipline, integrity, and hard work. I watched how they sacrificed everything to ensure for me to have an education and opportunities.

I have worked in the education field for the last 15 years in various capacities, some of that time was at ALA.  I have had the privilege of working in various capacities at ALA, which has given me the chance of knowing the administration and how the school operates.  During the pandemic with the school closed, I helped Mrs Lambson and other teachers put assignments on Google and came to the school often to help them. I have worked with special education and even came up with curriculum while assisting in the special education department in the elementary.

I also speak Spanish fluently. I feel this will help with he huge latin demographic that ALA has and will be another perspective that would benefit the Board of Trustees.

I exemplify ALA's values by continuing my education and obtaining a Master’s degree in Teaching in Learning with an emphasis in ELL this past year. I continuously voice the importance of education to my children and ensure that they are fully engaged students.  My children have watched me finish my bachelors while caring for them, taking care of my parents while ill. They saw me sacrifice to be able to have more opportunities. I not only graduated in a timely manner, but also received straight As in the process.

I feel I have several qualities and background that would make me a huge assist to the board. The most important though is my love for ALA and continual involvement in the school for the past 11 years.  I have always admired the administration and the Trustees on the exemplary work they do. The school has grown leaps and bounds in the last 11 years and I would love to be a part of that legacy. I want to be a voice and help the school continue to grow. I want to be able to make a difference and be a positive force for education and ensure that we continue the legacy of greatness that ALA has. My goal is to one day teach at ALA, but until then I want to be a part of the Board of Trustees and be a part of a team that helps ALA grow.

Trevor Brackney

I am the father of two ALA students. I have a BA in Dance from BYU and taught Classical Ballet for many years before transitioning to nursing and receiving my BS in Nursing from Dixie State University. Currently, I am getting my Family Nurse Practitioner degree from BYU while working at Utah Valley Hospital as an emergency room registered nurse.  

I go to work each day trying to give of myself as a Registered Nurse. Often, in the emergency department, I am confronted with individuals experiencing the worst days of their lives. I do what is in my capacity to turn one of their worst days into a better one. Much of the time this takes more out of me than I previously thought I could give. This was never more true than in 2020 when confronted with the complexities and uncertainties of Covid - 19. The burnout that I and my fellow caregivers encountered was only overcome by a sincere desire to help and heal those most in need, even if that meant continual exposure and the real possibility of becoming sick ourselves.

Along with the belief I hold of giving all that I can, I too feel that one must not rest on their laurels. Personal and professional development is paramount when viewed through the lens of service to others. This sentiment is what led me to go back to school last year to earn a master's degree as a family nurse practitioner at BYU. I do so knowing that as I continue to learn and grow, so too will my ability to give be enhanced.

I have worked in many capacities where good communication skills were a must. I have served in leadership roles from my mission to the present including running smaller hospitals at night as a house supervisor or charge nurse. I am also fluent in Spanish.

As an involved father of two students at ALA, I have a vested interest in the welfare and continued success of ALA and its students. I look at this position as a more direct way of supporting the school's current and future needs. I have a varied background in the arts, sales, and nursing/medicine that I feel could lend itself to the board in a variety of ways.

Amora Floyd

I have a BA in Social Work with a minor in Cultural Diversity. I am pursuing a MA degree in Art Therapy with a focus on Contemplative Psychology. I chair an international non-profit which provides education and empowerment to women (2016 - present). I consult and provide programs geared toward single fathers with the intent to create an atmosphere conducive to custodial visitation (2015 - present).

I feel I exemplify ALA's values by the service I extend to unsheltered/minority populations, my desire to learn/experience new things, to grow as an individual, and my desire to be open and inclusive of people from all walks of life. I believe the "glass" is refillable and that there are positive lessons to be learned in every situation.

I want to be a member of the Board of Trustees to help guide and shape the future of ALA and bring innovative ideas to enhance the learning atmosphere for students. My leadership skills and experience, volunteerism, work with diverse populations/cultural backgrounds/minority groups, and entrepreneurship will benefit the Board and the school.

Shaun Farr

Shaun Farr grew up in a small town in northeastern Arizona. He has lived in Utah for 20 years and graduated from BYU in 2005. Shaun and his wife, Tenille, have lived in Spanish Fork for 7 years and have been blessed with 5 boys. Four of Shaun's sons currently attend ALA, and the oldest graduated from ALA in 2021.

Shaun has a strong background in business. He grew a local company in Orem, UT from a small startup to a multimillion-dollar organization. Shaun has been a part of 3 mergers and acquisitions. He has hired more than 100 people over the last few years. Shaun has worked closely with financial statements in business and when hired as the CEO of a local company, he turned that company around from a million-dollar annual loss the previous year to a million dollars in profit the year following the change. Shaun currently works as the Chief Revenue Officer for a real estate software company called Brivity.

Shaun has served on the board for The Adoption Agency and volunteered as Precinct Chair and Vice-Chair in two different political precincts.

Shaun would consider it a privilege to serve as a member of the ALA Board of Trustees. Shaun's core values and beliefs include facing challenges with optimism and believing in people and their dreams. He hopes to find opportunities to challenge our young people to rise up and become future leaders in our community. He's passionate about the success of the ALA program and would like to work with other ALA board members to learn more about the challenges ALA faces and then focus on solutions to make ALA a better place for every student.