Board of Trustees Public Meeting Policy

Policy Number: 1030
Dated: 2/05/2013

Board of Trustees Public Meeting Policy


American Leadership Academy Board of Trustees convenes for a public meeting at least once a month. Utah State law requires all open public meetings to be recorded along with written minutes. The records of open public meetings are to be available to the public upon request. Therefore, the minutes of the open public meeting must be ready to be filed for review in a timely manner. The records must be in an accessible place for convenient review.


1. Notice of the public meeting with agenda must be posted at least 24 hours before the start of the meeting.
2. This notice must be posted where the meeting will take place and the public notice website.
3. All Board members must be given notification of the public meeting.
4. Only posted agenda items will have an opportunity to be considered for an official action.
5. Non-­‐agenda items may be discussed at the discretion of the Chair. However, no official action may be taken.
6. Record of Board members who are present and those who are absent.
7. The public roll will be available for the public to sign.
8. Recording of the public meeting. This may not be edited.
9. Written minutes must be taken, which is considered the official record of the meeting.
10. Board members are to be courteous to other Board members and the general public.
11. Orderly public comment under the direction of the Chair.


Minutes must include:

1. The date, time and place of the meeting.
2. The names of the Board members present and absent.
3. Substance of all matters proposed, discussed, or decided.
4. A record of individual names of Trustees votes.
5. A recording of open meeting without editing.
6. Written minutes in addition to the recording.
7. Minutes must be posted on the school's website.