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BYU Admission Applications

BYU Admission Applications

BYU uses a holistic approach to admission decisions. At BYU, a holistic review looks at the following:

Academic Preparation

  • BYU evaluates your academic record (AP, concurrent or dual enrollment, or honors classes) to ensure you are prepared for the academic rigor of BYU.
  • Most applicants are not required to submit an ACT test score to be considered for admission to BYU for spring 2021 through winter 2024. Applicants may choose to submit a test score if they feel it would strengthen their application; however, applicants who do not submit a test score will not be at a disadvantage.

Essays and Activities

  • BYU carefully reviews your admission essays and activity summaries. Be sure to tell BYU what you want them to know.
  • Read the prompts provided and make sure you are answering the questions. BYU limits responses to a character count limit. Make sure your responses are long enough to let BYU know who you are but remember that you may need to be concise in order to comply with the limits.


  • BYU takes recommendations seriously, so spend some time thinking about who knows you well enough to evaluate you and provide comments. Give your recommenders plenty of time to submit their recommendations since they have to be received before you can submit your application.
  • BYU doesn’t accept letters of recommendation outside of the application. You should let your recommenders know this so that they don’t spend time preparing a separate letter. They will fill out an evaluation form that is emailed to them.

The Ecclesiastical Endorsement is also a required part of BYU’s application process.

Freshman Applicants

All deadlines are 11:59 PM (Mountain Time).


Priority Deadline*


Decision Notification

 Fall 2023

Nov 1, 2022

Dec 15, 2022

Feb 20, 2023

*Applicants who submit the application by the priority deadline will receive extra consideration in the admission process.

BYU scholarships are available to those applying for admission. BYU encourages all students to complete the online scholarship application, regardless of their circumstances. To be considered for any scholarship offered through the Financial Aid Office, complete the ‘Period’ section and first three sections (Personal, Essays, and Need).