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BYU-Idaho is offering guided, in-person tours again! If you can’t make it to Rexburg, we are also offering virtual tours conducted over Zoom for prospective students and families. Both options will provide you with an opportunity to see the campus and ask questions about BYU-Idaho. To schedule an in-person or a virtual tour, click here:

BYU-Idaho offers tours tailored to specific audiences. Please choose the tour best suited for you.

Prospective Student Tour

Prospective Student Tours are for: Students considering BYU-Idaho, students who have applied but have not yet been admitted to BYU-Idaho, 7th-12th grade school groups, and youth groups.

Admitted Student Tour

Admitted Student Tours are for: Students who have already been admitted to BYU-Idaho.

Virtual Tour

If you are unable to come to campus for a live tour visit:

Academic Information

BYU-Idaho operates year-round with three distinct 14-week semesters: Fall, Winter, and Spring. Each student is admitted to a track consisting of two semesters: Fall/Winter, Winter/Spring, or Spring/Fall. The two semesters of the students’ track are when they will enroll in classes. The semester that is not on their track is considered a Flex Semester where students have many options. A student’s track remains with them for the duration of their time at BYU Idaho. Students may be assigned to any of the three tracks. Some students will be assigned to begin in the second semester of a track (example: assigned Spring/Fall track starting in the Fall). Others may be admitted starting in a semester other than the first available semester indicated (example: available Fall, assigned Winter/Spring track starting in the Winter).

    • 87 Bachelor’s Degree
    • 11 Online Bachelor’s Degrees
    • 20 Associate Degrees
    • 7 Online Associate Degrees