Coaching Standards & Athletic Clinics


Policy Number: 2240
Dated: 09/20/2022

Coaching Standards & Athletic Clinics

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Athletics & The Core Curriculum

High school competitive sports programs shall be supplementary to the high school curriculum.

Coaches & School Activity Leaders as Supervisors & Role Models

1. Coaches and other designated school leaders shall diligently supervise student athletes at all times while on school-sponsored activities, including supervising students:

- On the field, court, or other competition or performance sites;

- In locker rooms, in seating areas, in eating establishments, and in lodging facilities; and

- While traveling.

2. A coach or other designated school leader shall be an exemplary role model and may not use alcoholic beverages, tobacco, controlled substances, or participate in promiscuous sexual relationships while on school-sponsored activities.

3. Coaches, assistants and advisors shall act in a manner consistent with Section 53G-8-209 and may not:

- Use foul, abusive, or profane language while engaged in school related activities; or

- Permit hazing, demeaning, or assaultive behavior, whether consensual or not, including behavior involving physical violence, restraint, improper touching, or inappropriate exposure of body parts not normally exposed in public settings, forced ingestion of any substance, or any act which would constitute a crime against a person or public order under Utah law. R277-605-4.

Athletic & Activity Clinics

1. School personnel, activity leaders, coaches, advisors, and other personnel may not require students to attend out-of-school camps, clinics, or workshops for which the personnel, activity leaders, coaches, or advisors receive remuneration from a source other than the school in which they are employed.

2. Required or voluntary participation in summer or other off-season clinics, workshops, and leagues may not be used as eligibility criteria for team membership, participation in extracurricular activities, or for the opportunity to try out for school sponsored programs.