American Leadership Academy

Director’s Message

Director’s Message

Dear parents/educational partners,

Based on some recent reports I received from students and teachers I believe it’s important that I clarify a couple of important points about testing and assessment.

American Leadership Academy places a great deal of value on the importance of assessment. We have been working towards implementing standards-based grading as a school, which relies on a variety of assessments to clearly diagnose and identify where students are excelling and struggling in their academic journey.

As mentioned, recently I received reports from students and teachers reporting that unfortunately and misguidedly some parents believe that our state tests are unimportant and irrelevant, and have instructed their child that it doesn’t matter if they try or not. ALA was founded on the principles of achievement and we work to inspire students towards excellence in the classroom, on the field/court, and on the stage. While in the long term one poor grade, one bad game, or one bad performance does not define who we are and may be of small consequence an attitude of not doing our very best every time we go to class, take a test, step onto the court or field, or take the stage will have extreme long-term consequences.

An attitude of apathy is not conducive to the founding principles or the driving thought at American Leadership Academy. Parents as an organization we are holding ourselves accountable for our performance and we need our students to be accountable to do their best and give us an accurate representation of their learning.

Thank you for your help.

Mr. Morley