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FAQ During School Dismissal

FAQ During School Dismissal

Frequently Asked Questions During the School Dismissal


  • Do my children need to login to their classes at the same time everyday?

No. As the teachers get their curriculum and assignments ready for the online format they will also be starting chat rooms, group hangouts and other online aids to assist your students in learning. We will strongly encourage students to attend those teacher-led classes as often as possible, but they do not need to be in the class at the same time everyday. We know that some children will be tending their siblings, others will be sharing technology and a variety of other situations may exist. The Key is Students need to be doing their work! That is how we will assess attendance in a class.

  • How much time should each class take?

That will vary depending on the class, however as a general rule it should be taking about 3-3.5 hours a week for core classes and about 1-1.5 hours a week for elective classes. Elementary will be working 3-4 hours a day. Parents, teachers are not assigning busy work, these assignments are tied to state standards that students need to know in order to be prepared to advance to the next grade or class. We understand that this is a challenging time, but let’s work together and make this a good experience for the children.

  • What is the role of the parent during this school dismissal?

Parents, we understand you have demanding schedules, and that some of the topics being covered are unfamiliar to you or you do not have time to teach 5 children all in different grades. During this time we need you to do what you have always done. Make sure they are logged in to their classes, asking for help from their teachers, providing feedback to the teachers about things that are not clear. In general be a partner, as the teachers provide instruction. Please do your best to make it easy and safe for the teacher to communicate with you and your child during this period.

  • What is the role of the teacher?

Teachers are working to get lessons online for the students. When they have that completed they will begin providing personal support by Google Classroom, Google Chat, Hangout, Canvas, Zoom, email, or phone calls. Your child’s teacher really wants to have your child engaged and teach them. They are working to give resources to the students and to follow up with them when they do not see them logging in regularly.

  • What is the role of the student?

The students role is to be a participant in the learning process. They will be expected to login to their scheduled classes and complete assignments everyday. They will be expected to communicate with their teachers and let them know what they do not understand and demonstrate what they have learned by turning in completed work. In the online classroom students will read and write more. This will become a great benefit to the students’ education. In short, what students get out of this experience will be tied to the effort they put into it.

  • What if we need another computer?

The school has a limited number of computers that can be checked out by a parent. We have enough Chromebooks to support families that do not have access. It is important to mention that computers and technology coming from the school do not have filters loaded on the machine. Our filters and firewall are part of our network and will not work when the computer is working from another network. Many of you will have your own filters in place with your in home network and they will protect your children while they are working online at home. If you need a Chromebook please contact Rebel Benson. Her contact is

  • How is attendance taken?

Attendance will be taken only once a week and will be based solely on lesson/assignment completion.  For example, If a student has a two day a week class, there will be no more than two assignments due for the week.  You will no longer be receiving phone calls based on attendance.

  • How do I sort through the numerous emails I am receiving from all my children’s teachers?

Beginning March 19th, we have asked that all secondary teachers include the following information in the subject bar:  Teacher name, name of course, class period.  We would ask that all parents do the same when sending emails to teachers which would include:  Child’s name, name of course, class period.

  • How do I log on to Google Classroom?
1. Have your child log into their ALA Google email account.  Check their email for a classroom invite email from their teacher.  
2. If there is no teacher invite, then go to the square with nine dots for all of Google applications and click on the classroom one. This three by three square is on the top right hand corner next to the question mark.  Click on the square and several google apps will drop down. Click on the google classroom icon (a green chalkboard with people inside).
3. Once you click on the classroom icon you will be asked to “create a class” or “join a class” and you will have to select “join a class”.
4. Your teacher will have emailed a password code that you need to type in to join Google Classroom.
5. After your children join the Google Classroom the teacher will send a guardian invite to the Powerschool guardian email on record. You must accept this invite in order to be given options for email notifications.  That will help you to be able to keep track of what your child is doing.
  • How long will we be out of school?
For now the Governor has called for a 2 week dismissal or, soft close, to slow the spread of the virus. This should give everyone more time to understand the COVID 19 virus and make appropriate plans.  We have not been given any additional information about extending the dismissal or coming back to school.  We will keep parents updated as information comes in. ALA will follow all state and local guidelines.
  • Why do the students have so much work? 
We understand that assigning work loads is challenging because each student has different abilities, capabilities and needs. The teachers have tried to provide as real educational  experience for their students, just as if they were physically in the classrooms. Keep in mind that teachers created these courses in 48 hours and did their best to make the lessons fluid. The teachers are making modifications to their courses based on observation and feedback, so please communicate with your teachers. Mr. Morley has expressed that, “As a school, education is our business. It is of the utmost importance that we are committed to providing a comprehensive education during the period of time that our students are stuck at home during the dismissal.”