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Four Reasons to Attend Ensign College

When contemplating where to pursue higher education, here are four reasons why you should consider choosing Ensign College.

    1. The Cost

Ensign College offers an exceptional education at a low cost. Tuition at Ensign College is a flat rate of $1,775 per semester for 12-18 credits. This cost makes Ensign College one of the most affordable schools in Utah. Low tuition prices will allow you to earn degrees without taking on high debt. Ensign College also offers generous scholarships for new students, transfer students and current students. Included in the price of tuition, Ensign College grants free and unlimited access to all Utah Transit Authority (UTA) public transportation. With bus, TRAX and a Frontrunner stop located within a block of the school, this can help you get to and from classes with ease.

    1. Learning Styles – Online Courses and Small Class Sizes

Learning at Ensign College is an ideal setting for students of any kind. Ensign College serves students of all different ages and phases of life. Whatever the case is for you, Ensign College offers flexibility by offering a wide range of fully online courses. Offering online courses and programs can allow you to pursue an education, despite circumstances that may have prevented you in the past. In addition, Ensign College has made classes with small enrollment size available. The student body size of Ensign College is small when compared to other local schools. However, small size is one of the reasons why many choose to attend. The average class size is just 20 students. Small class sizes will help you receive more personalized education and create a one-on-one learning experience.

    1. The Programs

Ensign College is unique in that certificates can build into your degree. Earning certificates while pursuing a degree can allow you to find a job in your desired field while still attending school. Ensign College offers five Associate of Applied Science degrees, 22 Associate of Science degrees, and 24 certificates. Beginning in Fall 2021, Ensign College will also offer three Bachelor of Applied Science degrees. The school designed these programs to give you hands-on experience and prepare you to excel in the workforce. Programs ranging from Medical Assisting to Professional Business Management and Digital Content Creation to IT Fundamentals will allow you to find a unique field that fits your individual career goals. To view the full program list, visit .

    1. Location

Located almost directly in the center of Salt Lake City, Ensign College is in a prime location. Another thing to note about Salt Lake City is its diversity. The student body at Ensign College consists of people from all over the world. Students come from all 50 U.S. states and over 80 foreign countries. This diversity will provide you with the opportunity to learn and appreciate cultures from all over the world. This environment will offer new perspectives on what you are being taught and deepen your understanding of specific topics. Salt Lake City offers a variety of things to do and people to meet.