Policy Number: 3350

Dated:  June 25th, 2020




American Leadership Academy is committed to maintain a school environment that is safe for students, personnel, and patrons, and to ensure an optimum learning environment. Gangs and gang-related activities disrupt the orderly operation of the school and inhibit and detract from a school setting that is conducive to learning.
Groups, or individuals which initiate or advocate activities that threaten the safety and well-being of persons or property on school facilities or at school-sponsored events are detrimental to the educational purpose of American Leadership Academy and will not be tolerated.


Gang” means groups, or individuals who share an identity and identify themselves with a common name or sign, and initiate or advocate activities that threaten the safety and well-being of person or property.

Gang Activity” means gang signing, wearing of bandannas, headgear, chains, or any article of clothing or jewelry bearing any gang symbols, names, initials, insignia, tattoos, or anything else which signals gang affiliation and/or is worn for the purpose of signifying gang membership.


1. School faculty and personnel shall report suspected gang activities relating to the school and its students to a school administrator and law enforcement.

2. A student who participates in gang activities may be excluded from participation in extracurricular activities, including interscholastic athletics, as determined by administration after consultation with law enforcement.

3. Gang-related graffiti or damage to school property shall result in parent notification and appropriate administrative and law enforcement actions, which may include obtaining restitution from those responsible for the damage.

4. If a serious gang-related incident, as determined by the school administrator in consultation with local law enforcement, occurs on school property, at school related activities, or on a site that is normally considered to be under school control, notification shall be provided to parents of students in the school.

5. School faculty and personnel shall be trained on strategies to recognize early warning signs for youth in trouble and help students resist serious involvement in undesirable activity, including joining gangs or mimicking gang behavior.


A student may be suspended, expelled, or subject to other appropriate disciplinary action when the school administration has determined that he/she does any of the following prohibited behavior. All gang affiliation or gang-type incidents shall be referred to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

1. Advocating or promoting a gang or any gang-related activity.

2. Marking school property, books, or school work with gang names, slogans, or signs.

3. Conducting gang initiations.

4. Threatening another person with bodily injury or inflicting bodily injury on another in connection with a gang or gang-related activity.

5. Displaying or wearing common gang apparel, common dress, or identifying signs or symbols on one’s clothing, person, or personal property that is disruptive to the school environment.

6. Communicating in any method, including verbal, non-verbal, and electronic means, designed to convey gang membership or affiliation.

Utah Code 53E-3-509 Utah Code R277-436