American Leadership Academy


Hands on Block Courses:

Dates and Times:

Block 1 - Monday/Wednesday - 8:00-12:00 - Health and Wellness - Mrs. Jones - .5 credit in Health

Block 2 - Monday/Wednesday - 12:00-4:00 - Geography - Mr. Frost - .5 credit in Geography

Block 3 - Tuesday/Thursday - 8:00-12:00 - Filmmaking - Mrs. Millet - .5 credit in Fine Arts OR Elective Credit

Block 4 - Tuesday/Thursday - 12:00-4:00 - Speech and Debate - Mr. Workman - .5 credit for Elective Credit

Summer school will begin Monday, June 7th, and run through July 1st.  This will be followed by a short break with classes resuming on July 12th and running through July 22nd.  



Attendance & Behavior:

Students will be expected to attend the full four hour session, every day the course is held, in order to earn credit.  

Cell phone use is not allowed for any reason, or under any circumstance.  If a student chooses to bring a personal device to the class, it will be taken.  The student will be permitted to pick it up at the front desk when they leave.  

All students taking summer courses will be required to sign the computer/internet use agreement ensuring appropriate and beneficial use of technology at all times.  Students will also be required to sign the lab disclosure statement.  Both documents are available on the ALA website or at the Junior High front desk. The parent/guardian of the student(s) will also be required to read and sign these documents.

Parents will be notified of any repeated issue that is not resolved by the lab teacher.  Administrative action may be required in certain instances.  (Please refer to the school discipline policy for more information, also found on the ALA website.)

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