Help Counter Setup Instructions

Help Counter Setup Instructions

Please follow the instructions. Note that it is recommended to put your email address as your Help Counter username for ease of remembering. Also note that this is a lengthy process that we would like to condense, though it’s only for setup and we do not have control.

Existing Email Setup Instructions (If in doubt, use this.)

1. Visit and click “Create New User Name” to setup your new account.

2. Enter your information. Be sure to write down your username and password somewhere. Based on your email address, the system will recognize that you’re already in it and link with existing profile data.

3. Search for “American Leadership Academy” to associate with our school.

4. Search for your current email address. It will be Okayed after validating the email address on file. If your email address is not found, click “New Volunteer Application for American Leadership Academy” to complete the Volunteer Application. This is the same as Step 2 of the “New Email Setup Instructions”.

5. Open the newly sent email from Help Counter to confirm the account. Go to the login page.

6. Login to Help Counter with your newly created and verified account.

7. Be sure that your Profile Information is correct. If you would, also please add those students who are in ALA, which is also under Profile Information. Student information is used for group reporting and trends.

8. Please also go under “Update Your Volunteering Interest Form” to select desired volunteering preferences. Be sure to “Save Changes” to your preferences up at the top. Also, please be patient as all
of this information gets added. We will be adding more to reflect current needs. (Note: This can also be done later.)

9. Lastly, you can check for Volunteer Opportunities under the button, “Check for Upcoming
Opportunities” to see what needs to be done.

10. Please be aware that hours from past years are not kept in this system. Provisionally entered hours will appear once the badges and scanners are in effect. It should not be long. Please manually add hours until then and also as needed to reflect your volunteering beginning this academic school year.

New Email Setup Instructions (2-time email validation)

1. Visit and click the “Start” button.

2. Complete steps 1 – 3 of the Volunteer Application and click the “Submit Application” button found in step 3.

3. After completion, the Volunteer Application must be manually processed. Look for an approval email. The turn-around should be within 3 days, but likely will be sooner. (Note: If after 3 days, you have not received an email, try to login anyway. The email system may not have worked properly or the email may have gotten sent to your junk folder. Otherwise, contact for review.)

4. Once you receive an email, you can complete the signup process by visiting and clicking “Create New User Name”.