How to Create a PowerSchool Account


How to Create a PowerSchool Account

In order to set an PowerSchool Account you will need to get your PowerSchool Access ID and Access Password from our school.

To set up a Parent Account in PowerSchool, please follow these directions,

        1. Go to or download PowerSchool App
        2. Click “Create account” at the bottom of the
        3. Enter the required parent information. Save new log in and password to access
        4. Next link your students to your Parent Account by using the Access ID and Access Password provided

Access ID:                                    Access Password:

        1. Make sure that you enter your student’s first and last name in the Student Field exactly as they are listed All letters are case sensitive. For adding multiple students, be sure and have their Access ID and Password.
        2. Once your student(s) are entered click You will then be automatically returned to the Log in screen. Use your new username and password to log in to PowerSchool.

If you have questions regarding PowerSchool you may email


          How to Create an Instant Payment Account

In order to create an Instant Payment Online Account you must have your student(s) school ID number.

You may get this number from our school

To create an online payment account, please go to and follow the directions for account set up.

The benefits to an online lunch account are:

            • Online payments can be made 24/7
            • Ability to see your child’s lunch
            • Pay via ACH (E-check) or with Visa, MasterCard or Discover (fees apply)
            • Set up recurring payments or one-time single
            • Email receipts for payments
            • Optional Low Lunch Balance Email
            • Manage multiple children with the same login
            • History of all your payment activity in one

If you have questions regarding lunch please send email to