Kindergarten Registration


Thank you for your interest in American Leadership Academy and our Kindergarten program.  To begin the process of enrollment you will need to submit an application by clicking this link: 

Please note that the application process begins on January 1st of each year, ie: School Year 2020/2021 the application opens January 1, 2020; School Year 2021/2022 the application opens January 1, 2021; and so forth....

A lottery for Kindergarten will be held the first two weeks in March of the given school year.  Typically 100 positions will be offered for Full Day and 50 positions will be offered for Half Day.

You will be required to submit a birth certificate and current immunization record immediately upon offer of admission.  A list of Kindergarten immunizations can be downloaded here. 

It is Utah State Law that your student be 5 years old BEFORE September 1st of the year they begin Kindergarten.  There is no exception to this law.