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Tim Becker

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About Mr. Becker

One of my favorite quotes is “Never, give up.  Never surrender!” from Tim Allen in the Start Trek parody Galaxy Quest.  It is possible that the movie writers took it from Sir Winston Churchill who famously said: “Never, never, NEVER give up!”  It’s the blend of the modern and absurd, with the classical and profound that makes me happy.

I have been always optimistic about the future of education.  Any other viewpoint is sort of pointless.  We must keep pressing forward and looking for ways to succeed.  There is something here at ALA that makes me feel like I can help the world become a better place.  I believe it is because I have the opportunity to touch the lives of society’s greatest hope for the future, our children.

I love to teach.  It is one of the ways I learn the most.

I am the happy husband of one wife, and the pleased father of three children.  We live in Spanish Fork, and have been here for many years.  We have a cat, a dragon, and several broken cars as pets.

I will claim that there is no other purpose to which I am more dedicated than to advance the cause and power of free choice… along with the responsibilities and blessings that come with it.  In connection with that, I feel we must necessarily learn how to make the best choices in order to reach our full potential; in fact, to reach our fullest glory.   To me, this is all connected to my family, my faith, and my vocation as a teacher.  

It has often been said that ALA is a “school of choice.”  This is true.  Those who teach here are here by choice.  The students who attend here, and their parents, made a choice.  This makes us not just a “school of choice,” but a Choice School, something special and amazing.