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Brandon Hunt- Special Education Teacher

Contact Information:

801-794-2226 ext. 320



About Mr. Hunt

I currently live in Salem with my wife and three dogs. It’s a great town to live in, and though it has increased in size since I was a kid, Salem is still a great place to live and walk our dogs. We love Salem.

Growing up in a smallish town also gave me a yearning to explore beyond my boundaries. While I was single, with time and money, I’ve traveled quite a bit. My two favorite countries that I traveled through are Scotland and Japan. Both countries are quite different but they also share a rich, natural beauty in landscape and culture.

                I have a strong love for reading and stories. As a kid I used to hate reading, it was difficult and boring – or so I told myself. For me, all it took was the right book to turn me into a voracious reader. My passion for stories led me to obtain a BS in English and a MFA in Creative Writing. I love writing and anything that is connected with the written word: books, paper, ink, fountain pens and glass dipping pens. I hope that I can pass on to students a desire to read, and an appreciation for writing.

                My background in work is varied. When I was younger I enlisted in the Army National Guard as a combat engineer. In 2003 my battalion was deployed to Iraq. After coming home I thought about working in Law Enforcement. Therefore, I obtained a job with the Utah State Corrections Facility and worked as a corrections officer. After two years working at the state prison I realized the work environment was not quite for me. I chose to leave and return to college to complete my degree.

                Previously to arriving at ALA I worked in the Provo school district for two years at an elementary school. I was testing the elementary environment, trying to see what it was like to work in a school. This is my first year as a teacher and I’m very grateful to be teaching at ALA. I’m excited to work with the students and learn along with them.