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Peggy Haynes

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About Mrs. Haynes

I have actually been here at ALA since it opened!   When my youngest boys (twins) were in 6th grade I decided to go back to teaching.  ALA was so great because my boys attended from sixth grade and graduated from ALA.  I loved being able to be close to them.  Now, I have two grandchildren here!  I taught fifth grade for 12 years and then changed to orchestra and elementary music.  I have so many memories of all these years!  I love watching students grow up over the years and turn into amazing young adults.  It is fun to have a student who remembers something they learned in fifth grade!   I love watching siblings as they come through.  I am currently doing music for the 3rd and 4th graders and orchestra for 5th thru 12th.  I love working with all the students of all ages.   I also teach private music lessons and perform with the Utah Valley Symphony.