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About Ms. Hernandez

  I was raised in Northern California's wonderfully diverse San Francisco Bay Area and had lived there most of my life until coming to Utah in 2004.  I love my new home and particularly enjoy exploring all its natural wonders.  I worked in the travel industry, most recently as a retail travel agent, for 22 years.  This gave me the opportunity to travel to many different places and experience diverse cultures.  I have two children, Isaac 23 years old and Kelli 17 years old. I enjoy reading, hiking, bicycling, watercolor painting, crafts, traveling, learning new things, trying foods from around the world, ... and the list goes on.

   In 2008 I left the travel industry to embark on a new career adventure.  I have always enjoyed helping others succeed and found myself teaching others in various capacities.  Therefore, it was only natural that my new path would be as teacher.
  As a student of UVU's Secondary Math Education Program, I was on the Dean's list,  awarded as a Noyce Scholar for my last two consecutive years in attendance (including an invitation to Washington, D.C.), awarded my Associates Degree with Honors, graduated in 2015 with my bachelor's in Secondary Mathematics Education.
  My goal is to make math a positive experience for students (and maybe even a little fun!).  I hope they will gain a better understanding of its importance. Also, I hope to help them gain more confidence in their math skills so that they will have the opportunity to excel and consider a wider range of career opportunities in their future.
  I taught at a residential treatment center school 2015-2017.  Though I found a lot of fulfillment working with troubled youth, I was hungry for more professional development opportunities and innovation.  That's why I'm so excited to be at ALA!  I have found an administration who genuinely cares about their students and teachers and is willing to innovate in order to provide the best possible education to our students.  I look forward to meeting and working in partnership with parents and their students.