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Heidi Mather

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About Mrs. Mather

I was born in the state of Maine where my parents originate.  I lived there until I was five and then my family moved to California where I grew up as the youngest of five children.  I went to Utah to attend B.Y.U. and received my Bachelors degree there.  I met my husband while in Utah and we have seven children, six sons and one daughter.  We currently have five adult children and two teenagers.  When I went back into the workforce I knew that I wanted to work with children in a school setting.  I worked at the Provo School District Preschool as a paraprofessional for four years and that’s when I decided that I wanted to be a teacher.  I loved my job and I enjoyed working with young children with special needs.  I also loved working and learning from so many wonderful teachers.  I left the preschool so that I could pursue my dream of becoming a Kindergarten teacher.  While in the process of getting my teaching license I also worked as an Instructional Aide for first, second, fourth and fifth grades.  It was a great feeling to get my teaching license and I am grateful that I am about to begin my fourth year of teaching Kindergarten.  Helping young children learn and gain confidence in themselves and their abilities is an important teaching philosophy that I foster in my classroom.