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About Mrs. Phelps

  I grew up in Orem, Utah, but have also lived in Washington, Arizona, Colorado, Massachusetts, and Honduras. I have always loved to be with children and wanted to be a teacher. I even started a summer preschool for neighborhood kids when I was still in High School. I was a nanny in Chatham, Massachusetts (right on the heel of Cape Cod) between my years at Snow College.

  I graduated with an AAS in Early Childhood Education from Snow College before going on my mission to Honduras. Upon returning from my mission, I started attending BYU. I got married and moved to Washington halfway through my education. I then put off completing it because we started our family and I wanted to be home with my children. I have four totally awesome kids; Nick (27) - serving in the Air Force, Tianna (24) - going to USU along with her husband, Kaysi (21) – getting married in September and working, and Kyle (19) - in-between high school and figuring out what real life is like. I returned to BYU to finish my degree when my youngest started Kindergarten. Three years later I graduated with a BS in Early Childhood Education and a Minor in Teaching English as a Second Language. I now have been teaching for eleven years, four years in 1st grade and 7 in Kindergarten (which is my favorite).

  I love reading, doing all kinds of crafts, and all the aspects of music - listening and playing! I also spendtime on the computer, searching for or creating the perfect activity that my classes will love and learn from the most. I love technology and will include a lot of different ways that a child can experience it in my classroom.

  In the many years of teaching and helping in my children's classrooms, I have seen many different teaching styles and ideas for helping children in a safe and positive learning environment. I strive to apply this to my teaching so that each child feels loved and capable of learning and growing to their fullest extent. I believe that a child's emotional and social development is as critical for success as is his/her academic development. Children need to become responsible, trustworthy, and caring members in a community of learners. With this type of classroom and encouragement from parents and teachers together, a child will learn that it is okay to keep trying to do something new until they have learned how to do it; then having a love for learning and success in their school days.

  I love the quote by Robert Collier wrote, "Success is the sum of small efforts - repeated day in andday out" because nobody has gained success from their first try. They all have had to work hard at it!