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Carol Woolard

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About Ms. Woolard

   Hey there!  Originally from Chicago, I’ve lived in Texas, Montana, and now, Utah. I’ve travelled through about 40 of our 50 states but will always prefer the mountains to anything else. 

   I’ve worn a lot of labels in my life (daughter, sister, student, designer, etc.) but the current ones are mom, grandma, teacher, and renter! I completed a degree begun 30 years ago, Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education,  and have loved teaching the last six years. I’m planning on starting my Masters in the Fall. Prior to my degree, I’ve served as both art teacher and substitute. Kids keep me young and they keep me honest. 😉

   My husband died back in 2001. We created a blended family. I’ve a daughter who’s a nurse practitioner and college professor up in Montana, another daughter who’s a police officer in Washington state, a son who’s an RN here in Utah, and the ‘baby’ who’s a personal trainer, also in Utah for the time being (she’s doing all she can to get back to Montana). 

   Life is rarely easy, but it’s all worth it. Education comes in all forms, times, and ways. Each individual, young, old, or in between, has his or her own story. Nothing lasts forever. Let’s be kind and patient with one another.