Navigating Drivers Education

Step 1- Navigating Drivers Education

Scenario #A: My child is at least 15 and does not have a Learner Permit yet.
1. Have them come talk to Coach Vincent(or another instructor) to take the Learner Permit Test. More information about this important step can be found on my Driver Ed Webpage (green highlighted link below)

Scenario #B: My child has a learner permit but has not taken the state required Driver Education class.
2. There are a two main options here, they can take the class from a private driving school (not discussed here) or they can take Driver Education through ALA.
3. Taking Driver Education through ALA - Students have the choice of taking the class during the school day as part of their course schedule or taking the class in an online environment (Canvas). The ultimate decision is theirs and there are pros and cons to each. Currently Coach Vincent teaches the physical classroom and Coach Carroll teaches the online classroom.
~The base cost for Driver Ed is $150 and is charged along with either classroom enrollment to cover the costs of fuel, maintenance and instructor time for the Behind the Wheel portion of the training.
~There is an extra cost of $100 for the online class option as it is not included in our regular teaching contract.
~There is an extra cost of $25 for the summer class option as it is not included in our regular teaching contract.
3a. If a student wants to take DE during the school year as part of their course schedule simply talk to the counselor.
3b. If a student wants to take the Online DE class simply reply to this email with the following info and they will be added to the appropriate course: Student's First and Last Name Student's email address (not a parent's) since this is used as their login Which Online Course they will be in (Summer, Fall, or Spring 18)

Scenario #C: My child has their permit and completed the class but still needs to drive (finish driving) with an instructor.
4. The student needs to speak with an instructor and schedule drive time. Each of us (Carroll and Vincent) run our driving a little different but are essentially the same. If a student is currently or has been one of Vincent's please continue to step #5. If a student is currently or has been one of Carroll's (for DE) then skip to #6
5. If you need to begin or pick up driving with Coach Vincent please fill out my Driver Ed Application. The information collected is used to help me communicate with my students and parents as well as complete the required state reports.
Here is the link: Driver Education Application
6. On my Driver Ed webpage I have a calendar spreadsheet showing the dates and times of available drives (typically the next 4-5 weeks). This calendar is view only on the website so students need to contact me personally to get their names on. Each slot is FCFS.
Here is the link: Driver Ed Webpage/Drive Schedule

Scenario #D: I believe my child has completed all requirements but I am not sure.
7. Please email Coach Vincent the student's name, birthday and Utah Permit #. I will look up their DLD record and verify completed steps.

Scenario #E: My child is somewhere in the process but their permit has expired.
8. You must go to one of the DLD offices to renew the permit. Their website is