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New ALA Student Email Accounts for 2019-2020

New ALA Student Email Accounts for 2019-2020

NEW ALA Email Accounts for 2019-2020

Parents and Students,

As you may know, students have access to an email account through ALA. These email accounts are used by teachers to communicate with students, and by students to communicate, and often complete course work, with their teachers. These accounts also provide access to several programs and resources used here at the school, including Canvas, Clever and Odysseyware.

You may have already accessed this account because you are using one of these resources, and you may have not needed to yet. Either way, the account exists and is ready for use when needed.

At this time, we have decided to create new, unique emails for all the students at ALA in an effort to clean up our database and start fresh. Students using an email address that contains their graduation year, and students that have never signed on to their account, will need to activate their new account before the school year begins.

To activate your account, you will use the following rule set:

Email:  first letter of first name + last name + ALA student number +


Password: PowerSchool Password (four capital letters) + graduation year

EXAMPLE Password: ABCD2022

If you do not know your PowerSchool Password, you can email

Note on your password. We have set a secure password for your account and you are welcome to keep this password. It can easily be restored if you forget it. You do have the option to change your password through Settings. This will require you to create an 8-character password. If you choose to do this, ALA staff cannot restore it for you. You will be required to email and request for your password to be reset to the original password which may take up to 24 working hours from the time of the request.

Once you have activated your new email, you will find an email in that account with the instructions on how to forward your emails, and transfer your files from your old account.

You will need to complete this process before the school year begins. Starting this year all resources and programs will be changed to the new email and you will be required to sign in to those accounts with your new email.

If you have an old email account with the graduation year, it will remain active for a back-up and will be accessible with your current password.

Any questions or concerns can be sent to: 

Thank you for your help!

American Leadership Academy Administration