Policy Number: 3360
Dated: July 28th, 2020




American Leadership Academy Board of Trustees recognizes that pandemic/epidemic outbreak is a
serious threat that stands to affect students, staff, and the community as a whole. With this
consideration in mind, the Board establishes this policy in the event that American Leadership Academy
is affected by a pandemic/epidemic outbreak. At all times the health, safety and welfare of the students
shall be the first priority.


The Executive Director or his/her designee shall serve as a liaison between the school and local and state
health officials and the Utah State Board of Education to:

1. Identify local hazards.

2. Determine what crisis plans exist in the school and community.

3. Establish procedures to account for student well-being and safety during such a crisis.

With fiscal concerns in mind, the school shall purchase and store supplies necessary for an
epidemic/pandemic outbreak, including but not limited to disinfectant products, face masks, water,
examination gloves, and other supplies as recommended.

The Executive Director or his/her designee shall develop procedures and plans for the transportation of
students in the event of an evacuation.


The school will follow its Infectious Illness Pandemic Preparedness and Response Plan which may change through direction by State and County officials, ALA Board of Trustees and school administration.

In the event anyone within the school is discovered or suspected to have a communicable disease that may result in an epidemic/pandemic, that person shall be immediately quarantined pending further medical examination. Local and state health officials shall be notified.

In conjunction with local and state health officials, the Executive Director shall determine whether an evacuation, lock down, or shelter-in-place needs to be established and the parents of students will be notified.

In the event of an evacuation the Executive Director shall determine when the school will re-open.


Any student or staff member found to be infected with a communicable disease that bears risk of
pandemic/epidemic will not be allowed to attend school until medical clearance is provided by that
individual’s primary care physician or other medical personnel indicating that the person does not bear
the risk of transmitting the communicable disease.

Students with excessive absences due to a communicable disease shall be given a reprieve from other
Board policies relative to excessive student absences. Efforts will be made by the principals to
determine what, if any, school work the student can complete while absent.

The school reserves the right to test any staff member, student or visitors temperature at any time
and/or have them fill out a health questionnaire.

The school will work with any staff or student concerning any high-risk health concerns on an individual
case by case basis.


The Executive Director with administration shall develop a plan of alternate and/or remote means of educating students in the event of prolonged school closure and/or extended absences.

This may be accomplished through the use of online curriculum, videos, packets, the school website, and/or other online resources.

The school’s priorities shall include, but not be limited to:

1. Providing learning opportunities for all students.

2. Providing Special Education and Title One services.

3. Providing graduating seniors the content they need to transition.

4. Supporting students and staff with mental health and social emotional needs.

5. Maximizing opportunities for students to continue to receive meal services.


The Executive Director is authorized to amend the traditional class schedule and schedule of days. This
may include extending the school day and/or the school year beyond the previously established school
calendar. This may also include discontinuing extra-curricular and/or elective classes.