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Rick Lunt

Choir Director


801-794-2226 ext. 410

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About Mr. Lunt

Education:  BS from Northern Arizona University and MS from BYU, both in Music Education

Family Guy: Married to Melissa, 3 rad kids, Kaitlyn, Krissy, and Kavin (girls graduated from ALA and Kavin will in 2020)

Proudest moment: As the underdog in show choir competitions, winning competitions where we compete with schools that have at 2-5,000 students.  Our humble ALA school choir program has been blessed to compete alongside our nations best show choirs.  

Something you would do over and over again: Hike in the beautiful mountains, work in my garden, feed the birds, and marry my sweetheart, Melissa.

Something you never want to do again: Break my femur, eat liver, or eat octopus legs in refried beans at a Mexican restaurant in Beaver, UT.  

Favorite part about your career:  LOVE working with youth and seeing them develop and BECOME what they dream.  I also have a passion for production and love the process.  

Sweet tooth: I love fruit, Diet Pepsi, chocolate chip cookies, and Mexican Food

Biggest dream:  I've often wished and dreamed that someone would donate enough money to put in the bank so that we could draw from it yearly to subsidize this program so more people would be able to participate.