Mr. Workman’s Classroom


Daryl Workman

Jr. High History Teacher, HS Speech & Debate Coach

801-794-2226 ext. 212


About Mr. Workman

I am excited to teach 7th Grade Utah Studies, 8th Grade Early US History, and Speech and Debate for both High School and Middle School. Each of these class subjects excites me because every day, in every class, I get to teach critical thinking and application to students in whom I have gained trust for our future. I believe I am equipping them with not only the skills, but the reasons, to change the things in society that should be changed, and to keep the things that are worth keeping as well as recognize the difference on their own. 

I have been teaching since 2005 in schools in Arizona and am in my seventh year at ALA in Utah. As transplants, my wife, seven children, and I have been welcomed home in more ways than we can count. Working here at ALA has been a huge part of that as well as so many of the parents and students who just seem to make the extra effort to show others they are cared about. I am also currently working on my Master's Degree, getting an MBA to better focus my own leadership skills.

I am gratefully work with and support exchange students in many capacities both online and here in Utah as the Academic Director for International Leadership Academy.

I served in the Marine Corps Reserves in the 90's and spent some time doing service in Louisiana in the mid 90's. Since that time I have had many different jobs as I worked my way through college. I enjoy playing chess, both for fun and competitively and camping with my kids.