Mr. Steven’s Classroom


David Stevens

High School/ Jr. High English Teacher

801-794-2226 ext. 313


About Mr. Stevens

I got my bachelor's at BYU, and then my master's at the U of Utah. I like reading and writing essays, and I continue to study that genre. My favorite essayists are Kurt Vonnegut, Gore Vidal, and George Orwell.

I joined ALA in 2022.

My favorite things about teaching are: working with kids, who have a far better grasp of fairness than most adults; and seeing students work hard and succeed at understanding and responding to communications.

I am excited to be at ALA because I can see that the teachers and administrators are very interested in seeing students succeed. That is not something I have seen at every school I've worked with.

I enjoy playing jazz piano and rock drums. I am not currently working with a group, but I have been doing some recording in my home studio.