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Secondary Summer School Options

Secondary Summer School Options

Dear Parents/Guardians,


American Leadership Academy, as an institution of learning and education, believes our first priority is to make sure all students are receiving an appropriate education and are on track for graduation.  If a student receives an F in any class required for graduation, they will be required to take credit recovery.  This summer, ALA is offering our students the opportunity to take summer courses in our academic lab to earn back any credit lost due to a failing grade. The academic lab will offer your student(s) the ability to learn in an optimal learning environment with dedicated, highly qualified individuals to assist them with their daily lessons and assignments.


Dates and Times

Summer school will begin Monday, June 3rd, and run through June 27th.  This will be followed by a short break with classes resuming on July 8th and running through July 18th.  The start time is 8:30, ending at 12:30, Monday-Thursday.



Summer school costs will be $45.00 per course.  No discounts or refunds will be available.



During the regular school year, a semester long course provides students with 39 days of instruction.  Summer school courses are condensed into far fewer days.  Attendance and punctuality are essential for academic success.  Recommended attendance is a minimum of 80%.  Students should expect to complete most of their course work in the lab, as teachers will be available to answer questions, grade assignments, and administer assessments.  All assessments MUST be taken in the academic lab and proctored by the lab teacher.  NO exceptions will be made.  All courses will need to be completed no later than August 1st to earn credit.  Students will be expected to attend the lab for at least 1 hour per day, per course.  Weekly attendance per course is 4 hours.



Students will be expected to work in the lab.  Phone use is not allowed for any reason, or under any circumstance.  If a student chooses to bring a personal device to the lab, it will be taken.  The student will be permitted to pick it up at the front desk when they leave.  All students taking summer courses will be required to sign the computer/internet use agreement ensuring appropriate and beneficial use of technology in the lab.  Students will also be required to sign the lab disclosure statement.  Both documents are available on the ALA website or at the Junior High front desk. The parent/guardian of the student(s) will also be required to read and sign these documents.

Parents will be notified of any repeated issue that is not resolved by the lab teacher.  Administrative action may be required in certain instances.  (Please refer to the school discipline policy for more information, also found on the ALA website.)

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