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Upcoming Assignments

No upcoming assignments.

Past Assignments

Due: Wednesday, February 24
let’s learn the days of the week and the months of the year in Spanish. You will present in class. Start where it says “domingo, lunes, and so on and you only have to say it once. If you do the entire song, you will earn extra points.
Buena suerte! (Good luck)

Due: Wednesday, February 17
Study for your quiz

Due: Monday, February 8
Memorize this song with the conjugation forms for the verb to be in Spanish: Estar

without lyrics

Due: Monday, February 8
Country presentation
-Make sure you have 5 slides at least
-You will also have a slide at the end for references (where you got your info)
-Research the country’s culture (lifestyle, hobbies, education, etc.)
-Research their traditions (including food)
-All of this is done on a powerpoint or prezzi

You will present in class on Monday! Buena suerte (Good luck)
Due: Monday, January 25
Review for the quiz on Monday, Jan 25

Due: Wednesday, January 20
The Alphabet in Spanish: Practice, practice, practice! You are presenting in class!!

Due: Friday, January 8
Memorize this song. You will sing it in class on Friday the 8th of Jan. put emphasis on the vowels.