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Upcoming Assignments

No upcoming assignments.

Past Assignments

Due: Thursday, March 3
Review until you can answer the questions at the end of the powerpoint. If you can answer those questions, then you are ready to take the final. Make sure to practice your conjugation forms.
Buena suerte
Ms. G

Due: Thursday, February 18
Study the powerpoint I have attached, as well as the vocabulary for unit 3
Span 2 Test Review unit 3.ppt

Due: Wednesday, February 17
Review for the quiz unit 3

Due: Tuesday, February 9

Due: Wednesday, January 13
Remember to complete your packet for next class period. A2 is Wed. and B4 is Thursday.
Here’s a little practice with comparatives and superlatives in Spanish. Have fun!!

Due: Monday, December 14
Don’t forget to study for your final!! Memorize the vocabulary and the grammar in the packet you received in class throughout the term. iBuena suerte!
Here’s a link to the vocabulary for an extra help if you rather use the computer.

Due: Friday, December 11
You will take the vocabulary you have learned this term and write a leyenda of your own creation. Then you will write up a script for a 2 minute video of your leyenda. I will give you a rubric in class after the Thanksgiving break. But start thinking about what you want to write about. Talk to your parents about different fables they have heard from their parents and grandparents. Diviertanse! (Have fun with it)

Due: Wednesday, November 18
Islas del Caribe
, Owen & Jackson will present Monday. Stori will present Thursday.
You only need the following:
-geographic location of the isla
-an unique, interesting fact
about 3 minutes long.

Due: Wednesday, November 18
You will have a vocab quiz on the list you received in class. Make sure to study for it. Making flash cards or labeling everything around the house is the best way to memorize them.

Due: Monday, November 2
Test on Unit 1 will be this day. Reviews were given in class at the beginning of the week. Make sure to review as you are completing it. The review packet is due first thing the morning of your test.
**If you were absent this week, come see me before your class.
Ms. G

Due: Tuesday, October 27
A review of the irregular verbs. Get familiar with these!

Due: Friday, October 9
Study this review for the final, as well as the conjugations of dormir and poder in present and preterite. Remember these two verbs are stem-changing verbs or boot verbs. Talk to me before the final if you have any questions.

Due: Monday, October 5
Make sure to follow the rubric to the dot and you will get an A. Practice, practice, practice. The more Spanish you use, the more points you get on the vocabulary column.
Span 2-Oral Presentation-Culture.pdf

Due: Thursday, September 24
Find the powerpoint presentation you created in Spanish 1 and add more family members as well as personal relationships, such as, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, favorite teacher, favorite school, favorite coach, etc. Plus, add adjectives to each person. For example, my best friend is very funny, he can tell jokes all day long. If you cannot find your powerpoint from Spanish 1 or you were not in my class, start from scratch. You will present in class, so practice, practice, practice your pronunciation.

Due: Wednesday, September 9
Memorize the words and sing it in class, record it on a video and email to me, or upload to youtube for grade.
Past tense: preterite
music only:

Due: Friday, August 28
Practice the alphabet and greetings: (abecedario y saludos)

Due: Monday, August 24
A review of conjugations in present tense: Un repaso de las conjugaciones en el tiempo presente.

Due: Monday, August 24