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Upcoming Assignments

No upcoming assignments.

Past Assignments

Due: Monday, December 14
Final Exam Term 2

Due: Friday, December 4
Food Project: Make sure you are writing all the information on your notebook as you are researching the following information. You will get points each class period for doing that.

1. Choose a Country
2. choose three traditions or holidays
3. choose the holiday you want to research
4. Research the holiday or tradition and choose three foods they eat during that holiday
5. Research the foods and choose the one you want to make
6. Go to google drive or prezi and start your presentation
You will include the following information on your powerpoint or prezi
-name of your country: Your name and class period
-Name and description of your tradition: history, origin, costumes, dances, food, etc.
-Name of your food and why you chose it
-instructions on how to make it
-pictures of you making the food

Due: Friday, October 30
Food terms

Due: Monday, October 26
Memorize the conjugations of ser

Due: Friday, October 9
Term 1 Final exam
Review by doing any of the activities on Quizlet. Just click on the link below and it will take you there. If you have any questions or need any help with the final, please contact me before the exam, NOT after. There’s nothing I can do after you take it.

Due: Friday, September 25
We will have a small quiz on Friday. Please review this vocabulary to get you ready for it. If you don’t have a computer to study, review your notes. This is all we learned in class. Let me know if you have any questions before the quiz.

Ms. G
Due: Monday, September 14
Memorize the lyrics and sing it in class with your group.
Due: Monday, September 7
Practice, practice, practice
Due: Friday, August 28
Due: Friday, August 28
Practice, practice, practice!
Due: Monday, August 24
You will memorize the vowels in Spanish. You can sing the song or you can just recite the words. This will be done in groups or no more than 4. Make it fun!!

Ms. G