Policy Number: 3360
Dated: July 28th, 2020




The American Leadership Academy Board of Trustees implements state and school level academic
testing as required by state law, and other testing which supports the school’s educational purposes and
practices. All school personnel are expected to maintain the highest ethical stands associated with
responsible testing practices, as defined in the Utah State Board of Education’s Standard Test
Administration and Testing Ethics Policy.

In accordance with state law the school will administer a number of nationally normed and standards-based assessments aligned with the Utah Core Stands. The school will provide the logistical and technical support to ensure that such tests are administered in a secure manner which promotes opportunities for all students to perform at their highest level.

The school will also collect data necessary to assess the educational progress of its students and schools
over time. Annual evaluation and accountability reports will be compiled and reported to the Board of

The purpose of this policy is to ensure compliance with national, state, and school testing mandates and
regulations, as well as to promote meaningful assessments for our students.


1. Ensure all school required assessment procedures have been completed within the time frames mandated by the USBE.

2. Ensure testing procedures are conducive to supporting a fair and accurate representation of each student’s ability, knowledge, or skills.

3. Ensure testing takes place within the school’s calendared time.

4. Oversee the security of all testing materials while at the school.

5. Oversee the training of staff members in issues of test security.

6. Ensure that no educator at the school copies or prints testing material prior to or following test administration without the express written permission of the test publisher.

7. Verify that student answer sheets are appropriately complete and have not been tampered with.

8. Verify that students use standard protocols for computer-based testing.

9. Follow USBE’s State Policy


1. Maintain testing procedures and environments that are conducive to supporting a fair and accurate representation of each student’s ability, knowledge and skills.

2. Follow proper security requirements.

3. Organize and submit all testing materials to the testing director at the conclusion of the testing period.

4. Participate in ethics training.

5. Ensure that grades on state testing are not used to penalize a student’s academic grade or stop them from advancing to the next grade level.

6. May use a student’s score on the state required standards assessment to improve the student’s academic grade.

7. Provide a parent/guardian with a student’s individual test results and scores upon request.

8. No educator will:

a. Either directly or indirectly provide students with specific questions, answers, or the subject matter of any specific item in any standardized test prior to administration.

b. Alter, change, or amend any student answer sheet or other standardized test materials at any time in such a way as to alter the student’s intended response.

c. Knowingly, intentionally, or negligently engage in any action that would inappropriately affect the validity or reliability of the standardized test scores of any individual student.


Kindergarten assessments must be provided by a certified teacher at the beginning and end of the
school year as designated by USBE State Policy.


1. All students with disabilities or special needs will participate in standardized testing as specified by USBE.

2. Any licensed educator who believes testing procedures or policies have been violated should report the violation to school administration immediately.

3. Any violation of these procedures and standards may subject licensed educators to disciplinary action under applicable board policies and the Utah Educator Standards.


1. ALA strongly encourages parents to have their children participate in state-wide testing; however, the school recognizes that parents have a right to opt their children out of the assessments listed on the USBE’s parental exclusion form.

2. If parents choose to have their child not participate in these assessments, the parents must complete the appropriate USBE Parental Exclusion Form, and return it to the principal or Testing Director at least one day prior to the beginning of testing.

3. No academic penalty shall be imposed on a student because of his/her non-participation. However, students will be reported as non- participants on reports for some accountability measures that may negatively impact the school.

4. Teachers’ evaluations may not be negatively impacted by students excused from taking a state required assessment.

5. Students not participating in testing, but who are in school, should:

a. Be engaged in a meaningful educational activity, such as completing additional coursework or taking an alternative test.

b. Not be singled out in any negative way.

c. Not be administratively punished in any way.

6. If a parent exempts his/her student from the basic civics test, the student is not exempted fromthe graduation requirement related to passing the test.


Utah Code R277-404
Utah Code R277-515