Getting your Learner Permit


Step 2: Getting Your Learner Permit

You may soon be (or recently turned) 15 years old and are thinking of acquiring your Utah Learner Permit.  One of the requirements is to pass the written test.  This test can be taken at a participating DLD office.....or it can be taken here at ALA with a Driver Ed Instructor.  If you are are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity please talk to one or our ALA Drivers Ed Instructors. Details you might find insightful: 

1. You must be 15 yrs old (the system won't let us create your record/enter your score before your birthday).

2.  There is no cost to take the permit test at ALA.

3.  If you have attempted the written test at the DLD but did not pass, you can retest with an ALA instructor up to two times.

4.  The test is 50 questions with a mix of T\F and Multiple Choice.

5.  If you pass, the ALA instructor will create your DLD record and print a certificate of completion that shows the written test has been passed. You can then take that to the DLD when applying for your permit.

6. Learners Permit has been extended from 12 months to 18 months and may be renewed.

The benefit to working with an ALA Driver Ed Instructor for the written test is the time you will save.  At the DLD a new driver must be called up to the desk the first time to be assigned the test, then wait for a turn at the computers, then wait to be called back up to the desk.  This process can take 2 to 3 hours.