Teacher Student Success Act Framework In accordance with UCA 53G-7-1304, American Leadership Academy (ALA) adopts the following framework within which the administration may develop a Teacher and Student Success Plan.

The objective of the TSSA Plan is to improve school performance or student academic achievement. The goal of the TSSA Plan shall be to improve school performance or student academic achievement by 1% per year or the necessity of a change of TSSA Plan is indicated. In accordance with statute and USBE rule, ALA may spend TSSA monies on the following:

    • ALA may spend up to 40% of its allocation to increase pay of existing teachers, if ALA’s average teacher salary is below the state average.
    • ALA may spend up to 5% of allocation on personnel retention, not including uniform salary increases.
    • ALA may use 28% to hire additional part/full time certified school employees, including, content specialists, student emotional support professionals and education technology coaches.
    • ALA may spend the balance as determined by the school’s TSSA Plan including, but not limited to, the following:
      • Personnel stipends for taking on additional responsibility outside of a typical work assignment;
      • Professional learning;
      • Additional school employees, including counselors, social workers, mental health workers, tutors, media
      • Specialists, information technology specialists, or other specialists;
      • Technology;
      • Before- or after-school programs;
      • Summer school programs;
      • Community support programs or partnerships;
      • Class size reduction strategies;
      • Augmentation of existing programs; or,
      • Any other strategy reasonably designed to improve school performance or student academic achievement.