1130- Reuse or Disposal of Textbooks

   Policy Number: 1130

Date: January 24th, 2023


Reuse or Disposal of Textbooks Policy

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To provide a standard procedure for the identification and disposal of obsolete or discarded textbooks and instructional materials.


Textbook is any printed book or instructional material that is required for participation in an activity, program or course of instruction.


All property purchased through school-approved budgets, school funds, or donations remain the exclusive property of ALA.  As such, these items shall not be resold by any employee without the permission of the Director or designee.

The objective is to obtain maximum utilization or recovery of cash when assets are no longer required for their original purpose.  The disposal method chosen should be the one which results in the best overall benefit to the School.

According to Utah Administrative Rule R277-433, American Leadership Academy shall provide procedures for notification to other LEAS of available textbooks and timelines for disposal of textbooks and provide procedures for negotiating the exchange of the textbooks.

This does not apply to textbooks that have been damaged, mutilated, or worn out.

Identification of Obsolete Textbooks

1. Outdated books are identified by the copyright year and are determined by current curriculum framework standards.

2. Not on approved and/or department inventory lists.

3. Poor physical shape, as defined by quality and condition of covers, pages, binding, and print.

4. Poor format, including small print, poor quality pictures, poor content.

5. Poor content, including inaccurate information, inappropriate for the specific grade level, or change in school curricula and/or age group served.

If there is no interest from other schools, then the Director or designee shall dispose of the textbooks. Methods of disposal must be approved by the Executive Director and will be done consistent with Utah Administrative Rule R277-433. The approved methods of disposal include (but are not limited to) the following:

1. Donate to a non-profit organization or relief fund at no cost to the school

2. Return to the supplier for trade-in or credit

3. Recycle