Welcome to American Leadership Academy


American Leadership Academy (ALA) is a K-12 tuition free public charter school located in Spanish Fork, Utah. While traditional public schools are not a bad option, we have become a popular alternative because we offer a more comprehensive experience.  Our students participate in programs like Dual Immersion, leadership training, and concurrent enrollment for more relevant education.  They are also encouraged to get involved in clubs, fine arts, and sports for their social and physical well being.  ALA is a school for students who want more than just a diploma.  For more on how you can attend ALA, go to the Pre-Enrollment Page.



  • All your children are on one campus
  • A safer environment with less bullying
  • You're included in your child's experience
  • All-day and accelerated Kindergarten
  • Elementary program option for learning a second language
  • High school program options for college credits
  • More opportunities for your child to be involved
  • A full program of high school sports, including football
  • Visit our Pre-Enrollment Page


  • Many opportunities to get involved
  • Play High school sports, including football
  • The only turf field in Spanish Fork
  • Participate in a widely recognized Fine Arts Program
  • Variety of clubs and electives 
  • Graduate High school with an Associates Degree
  • Graduate High school with college credits towards your 4 year degree
  • Check Out our Pre-Enrollment Page

   Founded in 2005, and supported by both state and public funding, ALA exists to provide 1,800 students with a challenging, innovative, and result-oriented education based on the belief that parental partnership is critical to student success.  Students at American Leadership Academy learn the values and principles of leadership, character development, accountability, respect, and physical well-being with academic excellence as ALA’s primary focus.  

  The American Leadership Academy (ALA) Charter School is a school that is supported with state and public education funds but organized and operated privately.  Charter schools are established by groups of teachers, parents, or others who wish to create public educational alternatives to existing public school systems.  Learn More about the Enrollment Process!

Mission Statement

American Leadership Academy partners with families to provide comprehensive educational experiences, character development through leadership and individualized student learning for college and career readiness.

Vision Statement

We envision American Leadership Academy (ALA) Charter School as a thriving community of learning that honors and maintains its mission in all that it does. Together this Academy will build a scholarly, creative, and exciting environment that students will want to experience; a place that will attract the most highly skilled and committed educators and community members. Parents will have an active presence during the school day and in all aspects of governance. Accountability and personal responsibility will be embraced by all constituents, particularly the teachers, who will be given maximum freedom and support in helping them fulfill their teaching assignments.


To instill in each student, consistent with their age and grade level, an educational foundation consisting of the following:

1. The ability to read, write legibly and spell correctly.

2. The ability to think analytically, reason, compute and apply in problem solving situations the essence of arithmetic, geometry, algebra, trigonometry, and calculus.

3. The ability to express thoughts in precise, grammatically correct sentences and phrases.

4. The ability to read and comprehend the classical writings of a wide range of authors.

5. The ability to experience a sense of patriotism through a study of U.S. and World history and geography and to develop reverence for the sacrifice of historical figures who exemplified virtue and character.

6. The ability to apply the scientific method in understanding basic concepts in earthly, biological, chemical, and physical science.

7. The ability to appreciate expressions in the fine and visual arts.

8. The ability to recognize the importance of overall good health and physical development and know how to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

9. To develop a sense of self-worth through personal achievement, a willingness to sacrifice self and service.

10. To develop strong moral character through working to master the character traits of personal honesty, moral cleanliness, virtuous living, love of others, and love of self.

ALA School Motto

The ALA Motto is a set of values and standards we desire our students to uphold and to carry with them throughout their lives.