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Scholarships & Financial Aide Information

$$$ Paying for College $$$

1000’s of scholarships are available to students K-12. 
Searching and applying for them takes time and effort, but can really PAY off!

Helpful Hints:

-Start building a portfolio in 9th grade.

-Keep a detailed list of all service projects, awards, recognition's, etc.

-Keep contact info for adults you have worked with who can serve as a reference for you in the future and/or write you a letter or recommendation.

-Find Leadership opportunities and conferences to attend.

-Serving your school and community can be a great benefit in your scholarship and college admission applications.

- Visit Resources such as Do I Qualify for Financial Aide, or Federal Student Aide Webpage



(Awarded for Academic Achievement)

Academic index scales show awards incoming freshmen will qualify for based on GPA and ACT scores:

Needs Based Scholarships

(Available for students and parents who have a financial need)

The FAFSA (Federal Application for Student Aid)

is the most commonly used predictor for additional needs based scholarships.

Utah residents leave $$ millions $$ on the table in unclaimed grant money. Don't underestimate your eligibility!

Use the FAFSA forecaster as a quick way to see if you may qualify!

Diversity Scholarships

(Scholarships for non-traditional students, ethnic minorities, undocumented students, etc.)

Can be funded by both institutions and private parties.

(See individual school's scholarship pages, and search engines)

Click HERE for Scholarships for Undocumented Students

Program Scholarships

(Available to students declaring specific majors and/or indicating an interest in a particular department on campus. See departments within school of interest.)

Link directly to Scholarship/Financial Aid pages for Utah Colleges and Universities:

​​​​Private Scholarships

(Scholarships funded by community agencies, businesses, non profits etc.)