Dress Code Policy

Policy Number: 3020

Dated:  Updated 6/28/2022

Dress Code Policy

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American Leadership Academy's Board of Trustees believes the dress code was created to help promote unity by encouraging a sense of belonging and pride and helping discourage bullying, victimization and socioeconomic discrimination.  It reduces social pressure and peer conflicts and encourages students to concentrate more on their studies than on their wardrobe by creating a learning environment free of unnecessary distractions.  Experience has demonstrated that the learning atmosphere is improved when students both look and dress appropriately.

Top Guidelines

1. Top colors are solid red, white, navy, black, tan and gray.

2. The official school shirt must have a collar and buttons with no logos, patches, lettering, or stripes of any kind. (Other than an ALA collared shirt with the ALA logo).

3. Shirts must be solid in color. (No see through shirts).

4. Short or long sleeves are acceptable.

5. Shirts must be buttoned to a modest level.

6. Shirts do not need to be tucked in. However, shirts must be long enough that no bare skin is showing at their midriff when standing, bending or sitting.

7. Other shirts cannot be layered on top of the official school shirt.

Bottom Guidelines

1. May be long pants, skorts, capris, skirts, or shorts.

2. Colors must be tan, navy blue, black, gray or blue jeans and must be solid in color, not faded and with no contrasting colors of stitching.

3. Must be sized appropriately and not tight fitting. No low riding pants.

4. No sweatpants, pajama pants, leggings, or basketball shorts.

5. Must have a zipper and cannot be pulled on.

6. Tights or leggings are not to be worn in place of pants.

7. All shorts, skirts, and skorts may not be shorter than 1 inch above the knee.

8. Must be hemmed at the bottom with no frayed edges and no holes.

9. Jumpers are included in these guidelines.

10. It is recommended that dress code colored shorts or leggings are worn under skirts and jumpers.

Dress Guidelines

1. Must have a collar and buttons with no logos.

2. May not be shorter than 1 inch above the knee.

3. Must be solid in color in red, white, navy blue, black, tan or gray.

4. It is recommended that dress code colored shorts or leggings are worn under dresses.

Jackets, Sweatshirts, & Hoodies

1. Must be solid in color in red, white, navy blue, black, tan or gray with no lettering, graphics or stripes of any kind.

2. Can be long sleeved, button or zipper front or pull over with no logos except an authorized school logo.

3. Must be worn with a dress code shirt underneath.

4. Hoods must remain pulled down off of the head while in any of the school buildings.

Sweaters & Vests

1. Must be solid in color in red, white, navy blue, black, tan or gray without logos, lettering, graphics or stripes of any kind.

2. An official school shirt must be worn underneath.


- Belts: May be leather, simulated, flat, braided, woven or stretch, but must be all black or all brown. 

- Belt buckles: Must be small with no graphics or logos.

- Ties and scarves around the neck: Must be solid or patterned in school colors. No graphics, logos or lettering are allowed.

- Socks: Must be matching in color.  No fishnet stockings.

- Shoes: Must be a matching pair and have an ankle/ heel strap. No soft sole style slippers. No shoes with flashing lights, wheels, electronics, or character logos.

- Leggings: Will be allowed under dress code appropriate skirts, jumpers or skorts in red, white, navy blue and black (They may not be worn as pants or shorts).

- Hats, beanies, bandanas, distracting hair accessories, gloves or sun glasses may not be worn in class or within the building during school hours.

- Jewelry: A minimum amount of jewelry is acceptable. No nose rings, tongue rings, place holders, or other facial or body piercing are allowed. All jewelry, if worn must be appropriate for school and must not be a distraction.

- Tattoos are not allowed, and existing ones must be covered at all times. Fake tattoos, (which includes hand drawn or stick on), are not allowed.

- Backpacks may not display skulls, drug/alcohol, or gang pictures or references.

The Following Additional Guidelines Have Been Established

1. Students must adhere to the dress code during school hours, except under special circumstances, which will be determined by the School Director/Administrator.

2. Students must present a modest, clean and neat appearance at all times. All clothing must be clean, appropriately sized and correctly worn. Clothing must be worn right-side out. No torn or ripped clothing is permitted.

3. Hair must be kept neat, groomed and clean cut. No trendy, extreme hair styles or unnatural looking hair colors. Students are not allowed to shave any symbol or design in their hair. Boys must be clean shaven. Hair styles must be appropriate for school. This is determined by the Administration.

4. Make-up must be appropriate for school. This is determined by the Administration.

5. Student dress code will be worn during field trips.


Guidelines For Dress Down Days

1. No skulls, no drug/alcohol/gang references.

2. Nothing offensive or inappropriate to the ALA conduct code.

3. Clothing must be clean and in good repair with no holes, frayed edges, rips, etc.

4. Modesty rules apply. Shirts must cover shoulders and midriffs. Shorts and skirts to the knee. Undershirts must be worn under low tops.

5. ALA sweats, generic sweats, and pajama pants are not allowed.

Spirit Dress Code Days

You may wear a dress code shirt, spirit shirt or ALA issued shirt in dress code colors.  Dress code pants with no holes, torn or ripped pants.  No sweats or basketball shorts.

P.E. & Fine Arts Classes

Any student participating in these classes must purchase an approved school uniform for that particular class and wear it during the class.  This approved clothing must be in the school colors flag red, navy blue or white with an ALA logo.

Uniforms & Team Wear

All uniforms, team wear, and spirit wear must be in the school colors of flag red, navy blue or white and contain an ALA logo on the front of the top.

Dance Dress Code

American Leadership Academy High School dances are school events and reflect the values and standards of our school.  The ALA Dance Dress Code will be strictly enforced at all formal dances and must be followed by all students attending which includes ALA students and their guests.  Anyone not in compliance with the Dress Code will not be admitted to the dance and refunds will not be issued.  If you are bringing a date from another school, it is your responsibility to make him/her aware of the ALA Dance Dress Code.


- Necklines of a dress, top, or gown must be cut in a modest way so that no cleavage is showing.

- No strapless or backless tops.

- No exposed undergarments or sleepwear.

- Backlines and sides must cover the torso, chest and back and should be no lower than a normal bra strap.

- Cut-outs or any exposure of chest, midriff, thigh, naval or abdomen are not permitted.

- The dress, skirt, or gown must be no shorter than the student’s fingertips when hands rest at their side. This includes slits in dresses or skirts.

- The garment should not be excessively tight and should allow free movement without necessity of adjustment.

- Because of differing body types, the same dress may be acceptable on one person, but not on another.

- No pinning is allowed as an alteration for a dress if without the pinning the dress does not meet dress code.

- Dresses need to meet the above guidelines without adding any jacket or cover-up that may be removed once inside the dance.

Prohibited items:

1. Shirtless or unbuttoned shirts.

2. Clothing that displays an insignia or sign which shows disrespect for any race, creed, color, or nationality.

3. Clothing that displays obscene or suggestive phrases, immoral or illegal behavior.

4. Cult or gang apparel.

5. Bandannas, baseball caps, or hats.

School administration has the final judgement in determining compliance with the Dress Code and making the subjective determination of modesty.  Students are advised to err on the side of modesty and formality.  Please do not put school administrators in the difficult position of upholding school standards or let yourself or your date be embarrassed by being called out for violating our school’s dress code and asked to leave the dance.