Emergency Response Plan


American Leadership Academy's

Emergency Management Plan

 American Leadership Academy has adopted and implemented an “Emergency Management Plan.” The Emergency Management Plan sets forth certain intervention procedures to be followed in the event of a school campus crisis.

School administrators, teachers, and custodial staff have been given a copy of the Emergency Management Plan, and they participate in annual in-service training activities to learn proper procedures, roles, responsibilities, and priorities applicable to emergencies.  In addition, as required by the Utah Administrative Code, each school will conduct fire, school violence, and other school emergency drills throughout the school year.

In the event of an emergency:

1. There are generally four (4) emergency responses that students may be involved in

(1) school evacuation


(3) **shelter in place

(4) drop, cover, and hold (earthquake)

Students and staff will participate in drills and activities in order to learn these emergency responses.

Each school has selected a primary and secondary evacuation location (sheltered and non-sheltered) for an emergency that warrants the evacuation of the school building.

2. The first priority is to ensure that the students are safe and accounted for. Information about the emergency will be communicated to parents as soon as possible.  Parents will be contacted by one of the following; (Phone call, email or text).  It is important that American Leadership Academy always has up to date emergency contact information.

3. Parents can help manage the crisis by:

a. Obtaining as much information as possible before coming to the school.

b. Staying calm. School and local emergency response personnel will need your cooperation.

c. Keeping roads and parking lots open. Blocked roads and parking lots will inhibit access for emergency response vehicles, which could result in a slower response time.

d. Keeping phone lines open. Emergency communication may be delayed if too many people are using the phone system.

e. Be patient. American Leadership and response personnel will be doing everything possible to have proper identification and when it is safe enough to release students.

The following items are currently covered in the Emergency Management Plan:


1. Medical Problem or Campus Accident

2. In-School Death of Student/Staff

3. Illicit Drug Overdose

4. Verbal or Written Threats of Suicide

5. Suicide in Progress

6. Food Poisoning

7. Neck Injuries

Violence & Crime

1. Violent Actions

2. Weapons

3. Armed Person(s) with Hostages

4. Armed student with NO Hostages

5. Suspected Weapon

6. Sexual Assault

7. Unarmed Intruders

8. Riot, Racial Conflict, or Gang Altercation

9. Vandalism or Graffiti

10. Illicit Drug Selling or Use

11. Substance Abuse-Alcohol or Tobacco

12. Drive-By Shooting

Lock Down/ Evacuation

1. Lockout

2. Shelter-In-Place

3. Evacuation

Facility Emergencies

1. Small Fire

2. Major Fire/Explosion

3. Hazardous Material Release

4. Utility Failure

5. Asbestos Release

6. Bomb Threat

Weather & Natural Disasters

1. Severe Storm

2. High Wind (Microburst/Tornado)

3. Flooding

4. Earthquake

Student Welfare

1. Missing Student

2. Unauthorized Removal of Student

3. Suspected Child Abuse

4. Student Walkout


1. Terrorism on a National Level

2. Terrorism on a Local Level

*Lockout is called for when criminal activity is identified within the school or on school property.** Shelter in place removes students and staff from open and accessible areas of the buildings that are more secure and that will obstruct an intruder from gaining access.

To ask questions about American Leadership Emergency Management Plan, please contact the school Executive Director. For security reasons, American Leadership Academy will not provide printed crisis response information to anyone except local law and emergency response personnel, nor will they verbally disclose specific information about emergency procedures.