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Child Abuse Training

Policy Child Abuse:  53G-9-207 School administrators, teachers, and other school employees have an important role to play in the elimination of child abuse because they are in a unique position to observe children over extended periods of time on a daily basis.  If there is a reason to believe that a child may have been subjected to abuse or neglect, a verbal report of the abuse or neglect shall be made immediately by the school employee to the school principal and then to the appropriate legal authorities.

Watch video on Child Abuse and Print off certificate of completion. Hand into HR (Mrs. Tidwell)


Data Privacy

Policy Data Governance:  American Leadership Academy takes seriously it moral and legal responsibility to protect student data privacy and ensure student data security.  The School is required by Utah’s Student Data Protection Act and the School’s Student Data Privacy and Security Policy to establish a Data Governance Plan.

All American Leadership Academy employees, and contracted partners must sign and follow the Employee Acceptable Use Policy, which describes the permissible uses of state technology and information.  You will get the Employee Acceptable Use Policy from Human Resources.

Watch video and email Mrs. James when you have complete it.

Cyberbullying/ Bullying

Policy Cyberbullying/Bullying: R277-613 American Leadership Academy prohibits abusive conduct, bullying and harassment of students or employees by other students or employees at school/work, while on school property, at school/work-related activities and events, on a school bus or while the student or employee is traveling to or from any of the above.   The school encourages all victims of bullying and all persons with knowledge of bullying to report the incident immediately.

American Leadership Academy prohibits the hazing or cyber-bullying of students or employees by other students or employees at any time or in any location.  The school encourages all victims of hazing or cyber-bullying, and all persons with knowledge of hazing or cyber-bullying, to report the incident immediately.  American Leadership Academy prohibits abusive conduct directed towards a school employee by a parent or student.

American Leadership Academy recognizes the importance of educating its employees and students regarding the prevention of abusive conduct, bullying, cyber-bullying, harassment, hazing, and retaliation.  To these ends, the school will provide ongoing training and education in this area.

After watching video please email Mrs. Tidwell

Electronic Communication

Policy Electronic Communication:  The Board of Trustees of American Leadership Academy recognize that websites, Social Media and other Electronic Communications when used appropriately by School Employees, enables the school, students and parents to communicate and share information in a timely and relevant manner across numerous platforms.  ALA recognizes its obligation to ensure Student privacy, Internet safety, and professional boundaries and prevent against potential legal and other consequences.  ALA Employees must adhere to the highest standards of professionalism in all their Information, Electronic Communications and Social Networking.  The lines between public and private, personal and professional are blurred in the digital world and online postings and conversations are not private.  All Electronic Communications between Employees and Students must be school-related and should, where possible, be done through the Employee’s official school medium.  It is important that you read this policy in its entirety.

Code of Conduct Training





Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention:  R277-620  53G-9-702(2) Schools play a critical role in suicide prevention for current and future students and need more knowledge about the warning signs of suicide and how to facilitate opportunities to strengthen mental well-being. Please watch the video below and then go to this website and complete the 2019-20 National Version Making Educators Partners in Youth Suicide Prevention training. 

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking:  While human trafficking occurs nationwide and to people of all socioeconomic levels, runaway and homeless youth are among the vulnerable. Numerous exploiters have talked about the fact that they do target schools. Please view the following you-tube video.



Effective Teaching & Leadership Standards

Effective Teaching and Leadership Standards: Utah law R277-530 requires statewide effective teaching standards for Utah public education teachers.



Harassment Prevention

Harassment Training Video.



Fire Extinguisher Training

Watch this training video on Fire Extinguisher Training and Safety.



Student Loan Forgiveness

This link is a resource for those of you, who have student loans.  This is not required in the checklist of assurances.


Seizure Training For All

This link is a resource for training on Seizures and what to do if someone has one.