Policy Number: 3420

Date: March 23rd, 2021


Student Travel Policy

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The American Leadership Board of Trustees recognizes a student’s participation in activities that require travel, such as field trips, activity trips, conferences, competitions, workshops, exhibits, etc., may provide meaningful educational experiences.  This policy provides guidelines governing student travel including overnight student travel, out-of-state travel, educational field trips, and other travel activities.

Activity Disclosure Statements

In accordance with UTAH CODE ANN. § 53G-4-409, an activity disclosure statement must be made available to the parents of students in grades nine through twelve who are trying out or signing up for any team, group, or program that will require the student to miss normal class time or has activities that will take place outside regular school time, including through contests, games, performances, events, or other activities.  The disclosure must contain:

1. The specific name of the team, group, or activity;

2. The maximum number of students involved;

3. Whether or not tryouts are used to select students, specifying date and time requirements for tryouts, if applicable;

4. The beginning and ending dates of the activity;

5. A tentative schedule of the events, performances, games, or other activities with dates, times, and places specified if available;

6. If applicable, designation of any non-season events or activities, including an indication of the status, required, expected, suggested, or optional, with the dates, times and places specified;

7. Personal costs associated with the activity;

8. The name of the school employee, advisor or coach responsible for the activity; and

9. Any additional information considered important for the students and parents to know.

Activity Disclosure Statement Form

Overnight & Out-Of-State Travel

The Board of Trustees delegates authority to the Executive Director or his/her designee to approve overnight and out-of-state student travel.


1. ALA employees are not allowed to solicit students, to participate in any commercial or non-school sponsored trip or excursion.

2. Extended excursions should not be requested if comparable experiences are available closer to home. Students are not to remain overnight if it is practical to return home.

3. Whenever students travel, there shall be adequate and mature supervision to provide for the safety of students. Adults and students must have separate sleeping arrangements unless adult and student(s) are related.

4. Chaperones and advisors are not allowed to bring other family members with them on the trip without prior approval from administration. Any family members approved to come need to pay for all of their own expenses.  Chaperones and advisors are not allowed to bring their own children who are not part of the team or group.

Student Eligibility

1. Kindergarten through sixth grade: These students are not permitted to participate in overnight travel.

2. Seventh through eighth grade: These students are not permitted to participate in out-of-state travel and need permission from the Executive Director to participate in overnight travel.

3. Ninth through twelfth grade: These students may participate in overnight and out-of-state travel when the activity and travel is in accordance with this policy.

4. Students must be in good standing with the school. Students who have been suspended or expelled from school become ineligible for overnight and out-of-state travel or and school sponsored student activity during the period of the suspension or expulsion.  Students must also be in compliance with behavior and conduct expectations according to school policy.

5. Students must be in good academic standing and on track for graduation.

6. A student may be denied participation if the student has missed an excessive number of school days.

Travel Application Form

The teacher, coach, or advisor of the group wanting to travel overnight or out-of-state must fill out an application for student travel form.  Except when the travel is to participate in a state sponsored championship, the application must be approved prior to the proposed departure date.

The application shall include the following: 

1. The name of the team or organization.

2. The proposed destination, mode of travel, and number of students involved.

3. The number of school days missed. Students may not miss more than two (2) school days per overnight trip and three (3) school days per out-of-state trip.

4. A detailed daily itinerary.

5. All estimated costs associated with the travel (transportation, lodging, meals, registration fees, insurance, event admission fees, etc.), and mode of payment, including fundraising.

6. The total estimated cost per student.

7. A list of advisors and adult supervisors. Students must be supervised at a ratio of no less than one (1) supervisor per every ten (10) students.

Limits of Travel

1. The trip or activity should provide opportunities for competition, performances, or educational experiences that are not available locally.  Emphasis should be on the competition, performance, or educational value, not the recreational aspects of the trip.

2. School teams, classes, groups, or organizations are limited to a maximum of two (2) overnight. out of state trips per school year.

3. The class/team/group sponsoring the trip must be self-supporting. This means that other than what the school has committed to financially support the trip, no additional school funds are to be utilized to cover trip costs or fee waivers.

Overnight Travel Sponsored by UHSAA

1. Overnight travel may be approved for activities sponsored by the UHSAA.

2. All school organizations or athletic teams shall abide by the regulations governing intrastate competitions outlined in the UHSAA Constitution and Bylaws.


1. Supervision of students participating in overnight travel must be provided at a ratio of no less than one (1) supervisor per every ten (10) students.

2. Supervisors/chaperones must be adults who are either school personnel or volunteers.

3. Supervisors/chaperones who are personnel should be advisors, coaches, or teachers of the team or group traveling; administrators; or members of the Board of Trustees.

4. Supervisors/chaperones who are volunteers should be parents or legal guardians of students traveling. If they are not a parent or legal guardian they must have a background check before being able to act as a supervisor or chaperone.

5. Supervisors/chaperones must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age.

6. Supervisors/chaperones are considered to be on duty during the entirety of the trip regardless of location, time of day or night, or number of other supervisors present or said to be supervising. Supervisors/chaperones traveling with students are never considered off duty and must therefore abide by all school policies.

7. Supervisors/chaperones for overnight trips must read and sign the chaperone guidelines and responsibility form.

Chaperone Overnight Tour Form

Chaperone Responsibilities Form


1. All costs associated with overnight travel must be paid by the participants, or through school-allocated funds, or through fundraising activities.

2. All funds due from students must be submitted to the school prior to departure.

3. Students may directly pay their assessed portion of the travel costs without participating in fundraising efforts.

Travel Cancellation

1. If unsafe conditions arise after travel has been approved, travel shall be cancelled or changed accordingly. Prior to departure the Executive Director or his/her designee reserve the right to conduct a safety review of the trip and to cancel the trip if conditions warrant such action.  Unsafe conditions include, but are not limited to:

a. Adverse weather conditions

b. Outbreaks of serious, communicable diseases

c. Actual or threatened violence or terrorism

2. When travel is suspended or cancelled due to safety or other consideration beyond the control of any or all involved, American Leadership Academy or any employee of American Leadership Academy shall have no obligation and shall be held harmless with respect to refund of any expenditures.

3. Participants should not expect refunds for cancellations either individually or as a group if the school is not refunded.

4. Any teacher, coach or advisor is responsible to make each parent aware of cancellation guidelines and also require parents to sign a statement indicating their understanding.

Parent Approval & Consent

1. Before a travel application may be approved parent approval for the proposed travel must be obtained. All parents must fill out and sign the “Parent Approval for Overnight Travel Form”.

2. Prior to submission of a travel application the teacher, coach, or advisor proposing overnight student travel must communicate to the parent/legal guardian of each eligible student the proposed travel itinerary, anticipated costs per student, any fundraising options, and the cancellation guidelines.

3. This information may be communicated electronically, in writing, or at a meeting to which parents have been invited. Required information must be communicated and parent approval must be obtained before the trip commences.

Student Non-Participation

1. Participation in overnight and out-of- state travel is optional for students.

2. Students who, for any reason, do not participate in overnight or out-of-state travel shall not be penalized. Non-participation shall not impact a student’s grade in a class or the student’s status on a team or student organization.  A student’s position, playing time, or other team/organization privilege shall not be removed or restricted due to the student’s non-participation in overnight or out-of-state travel.


1. Commercial transportation, rental vehicles, school buses, or school vehicles are the generally approved methods of travel. With the exception of school buses, vehicles designed for more than ten (10) passengers, including the driver, may not be used to transport students.

2. Transportation and lodging for out-of-State and overnight travel must be made under the direction of the business administrator.

3. Vehicles must be operated by an authorized adult driver who is at least twenty-one (21) years of age and who has a current and valid driver license with no prior drug/alcohol driving citations.

4. Drivers must complete the driver safety training course in accordance with the State of Utah Risk Management guidelines.

5. All passengers must wear seatbelts whenever a vehicle is moving except when traveling by bus that is not equipped with them.