3440- Eligibility Policy

   Policy Number: 3440

Date: September 20th, 2022


Eligibility Policy

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American Leadership Academy strongly supports extracurricular activities and encourages students and families participate in wholesome recreational activities. However, as an institution of learning and education, our first priority is to ensure every student is receiving an appropriate education. As such, American Leadership Academy will require all students to be on track academically for graduation prior to trying out for any fine arts team, sports team, group, company or club that requires travel, rehearsal, practice, or out of class participation.


1. “Eligible” means a student is able to participate in after school or extracurricular activities.

2. “Core classes” means courses required for high school graduation.

3. “On track for graduation” is a student that has a four year graduation plan that currently has no failing grades. If the student has a failing grade in a class that is required for graduation they have met with a counselor and have revised the four year graduation plan and are actively in the process of remediating the failed grade.

4. “Extracurricular activity” refers to any organized school activity that occurs before or after school and is part of a school sanctioned sport or performing group.

Try-Out Procedure

1. Prior to tryouts students will obtain documentation from the counselors that demonstrates the student is on track for graduation.

2. Any student who is not on track for gradation will be required to create a remediation plan with the counselors and their parent, be enrolled in and pay all associated remediation fees, and have an administrator’s signature before trying out.

3. Students are still able to try out, but if the student does not follow the plan and complete the required coursework as outlined in the plan the student may lose eligibility to compete and may be dropped from the group, team, company, or club.


1. Grades will be checked at the end of each term by counselors, fine arts director and athletic director to check for any failing grades that could affect eligibility.

2. According to UHSAA rules, any athlete with more than one F or below a 2.0 GPA will be able to practice, but unable to compete for the entire upcoming term.

3. Any student with F’s must meet with a counselor to create a recovery plan in order to make up the necessary credit. The student may work with the teacher to earn a passing grade or work through a remediation course to receive a passing grade.

4. Students must be making progress in their credit recovery class in order to continue practicing and being able to perform or compete.

5. The credit recovery facilitator will create a weekly report, to be given to the principal, fine arts director and athletic director, informing them of progress for these students.

6. Students not making progress will be evaluated by principal, fine arts director and athletic director to determine if they are able to perform or compete.

7. Fine arts director or athletic director will inform the coaches and/or teachers of the students who are unable to compete or perform.